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Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

The Ruler of Celestia, and King of the present Gaea, His name is Nakashima Taiki. No one dares defy him and his wisdom is unchallenged by both his subjects and his children.

Nothing much is known about the King. He chooses to live his own life in the shadows and therefore remains a stranger to his family. There is much argument as to whether or not he really loved his wife and Queen, but to this day he remains by his wife’s side.

He does not know about his 6th Child as actually being the 7th. He expects a lot from the 7th Child as he does with all of his children. Weakness is not an excuse nor is it an option to him. If you are not the best, then you are not worth his time. Unbeknownst to him, however, the 7th Child strives to have his approval, something he has never given to any of his children.


Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

The young queen lovingly known as Yumi, reigned earlier than her her expected time. As a Princess of the vastly rich Yamada clan, she chose her love for the King of Celestia despite her parents wishes to let her rule her own kingdom. She gave the King his children during the earlier years of their marriage.

The Queen is a very kind woman who love her 6 children very much. Despite her devotion to the King, however, her love was one sided… She knows that well but even still, she continues to be devoted to her husband…

That is why her children love her so much. No matter what pain she must go through, she is willing as long as it is for her family… She would much rather be the one hurt than to see her children suffer the same fate…

It is this very trait that the 7th Child has inherited from her Mother: her undying devotion, to be hurt that to hurt others… This can become a weakness as it is a strength, a lesson the Child must learn on her own.

I am a warrior…

Monday, November 27th, 2006

This is a journey of a Princess who was forced to become a Warrior in the harsh reality of the Gaea. The Princess is still in training to become a proper Queen of her land. She must prove to her Father, the King, that she is worthy of the crown. Being the 7th child, the last to be born, there is much to prove… For as all Princesses, the King often thinks of them as frail and always needing protection.

This young Princess has 3 older Princess as her Sisters, and 2 older Princes as her brothers. She is the 7th child because her mother, the Queen, had lost the 5th child even before birth.

Now, in the Land of Celestia, a King is not to have more than 6 Children… Because the Warlock had prophesized that the 7th Child will bring forth destruction to the Royal Family. Not wanting to kill the 7th child, the Queen hid the fact the the 5th Child had perished from the King.

Now the 7th Child has a heavy burden to carry. Because the Queen has told this young Child of the Prophecy when she was very young, the Princess fully believes that she should never have been born in the first place. What’s more, what will happen if the King were to find out that she will be the one who will destroy his Kingdom?

Who would want to destroy the very people who loved and raised her from the very beginning?