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hello hello kitty ^+^


January 3rd, 2010 by hime_mochi22:hellokitty.com

don’t get me wrong, I LOVE hello kitty online and I spend about 5-6 hrs a day playing, but after today’s 5 hours, I don’t know the next time I’ll get on:-/

in five hours I gained nothing and as mentioned before by another player, I too am a level 11 fresh into London and fur tails have claimed my life many times, so as a friend suggested I began farming, which sadly, paved the way for a terrible day on hello kitty.

I want to try to get my farm to the level 4 so I can plant better things and this way I should be able to make some money too right? Wrong.

After looking for a farm guide on the aeria hello kitty forums I saw that according to the guide, Apples sell for 6 gold, and so did coffee fruit, so I decided to go with apples today and farmed about 30 which took me like an hour? and to my demise, they only sold for 4 gold a piece

with today’s running tally of being KO’d more than 4 times trying to mine copper, not progressing in London and spending worthless amount of time in my farm for nothing, it really upsets me because before this day, I absolutely adored this game and hoped to become a game sage some time.

I still love this game, but I hope some changes are implemented because I am at a standstill now, unless I grind away for days at my farm.

On a side note, I don’t think it’s entirely fair for the first farm upgrade to cost 5k, I was hoping for something around 3k, that hard enough to come by now.

I will pass my concerns on to Sanrio Digital in a civilized manner and please no one find offense to this as that is not my purpose at all, but to share an experience that others may have had today

ok time to play!

January 2nd, 2010 by hime_mochi22:hellokitty.com

some sanriotown games and then back to HKO :D


January 2nd, 2010 by hime_mochi22:hellokitty.com

I am level 11, ho hum come on level 12 hehe ^^ i love my little bramble named sonic, he is level 3 ^_^

so many cute things in HKO

January 2nd, 2010 by hime_mochi22:hellokitty.com

finally in london ^^ with all the sanrio superstars :D cant wait to get started , i have one quest from Anthony where i was already lost so i decided to take a break ^^


January 2nd, 2010 by hime_mochi22:hellokitty.com

More Cuteness, enjoy ^^

January 2nd, 2010 by hime_mochi22:hellokitty.com

Hello Kitty Online Cuteness!!

January 2nd, 2010 by hime_mochi22:hellokitty.com

My pretend house XD

loyalty points

December 28th, 2009 by hime_mochi22:hellokitty.com

i almost have 600 loyalty points !! woooo ^_^

pet card!

December 28th, 2009 by hime_mochi22:hellokitty.com

earlier this morning i got a boxpig petcard while just collecting comforts, i wasnt even trying ^_^ i am so happy :D and I am finally in my cute royal boots at level 11 :)

level 10!

December 23rd, 2009 by hime_mochi22:hellokitty.com

finally i have reached level ten in HKO and i love my bramble :D hes so cute and i named him Sonic ^_^ i was fortunate to get him from a fellow guildie who was very sweet :D thank you May :D

my sanrio loyalty points finally updated today and now i have 527 woot ^^ half way to 1k which most items cost, my strawberry hair is 4k however xD

recently, i have been blessed with many hello kitty gifts from friends and family, my cousin gave me a hello kitty dry erase board and mini gel pens, my mom and step dad gave me a giant hello kitty coloring book and activity pad and hello kitty ribbon and I bought myself a hello kitty marshmallow pop xD it was hard to convince myself to eat hello kitty =3 but it was good hahaha! and last but not least my best friend gave me a super cute hello kitty keychain that lights up many colors :)

Happy Holidays Everyone :D

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