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After class today, I went to the library to complete one of the anthropology assignments. Then I went around and poked at some bike shops for fenders for my bike, since it’ll rain later this week.

B&L Bike Shop was the first I went to, and while looking at fenders, I was totally confused how to put them on. I asked for help, and they wanted to see my bike, so I bring it in. The guy tells me my bike wheels are smaller than standard size, like a “kid’s bike”, and that the fenders won’t fit. The front ones will stick out and hit the pedals. Well, I’m discouraged. I head out and decide to see other bike shops anyway, in case they had smaller fenders (Guy told me that was unlikely).

I stop at another shop, and they only sell one kind of fenders– the same. Then I head on over to Freewheeler. I come in and ask about fenders (I saw the same one at B&L), and tell her that my wheels are below standard size and that another bike shop had told me I needed to find smaller fenders.

The lady tells me that the bike wheel shouldn’t matter, and says I can bring my bike in for her to look at. I bring it over, and she tells me it should work! She also said she could install it for $6 in addition to the cost of the fenders, which would be about $20. That’s a sweet deal, so I take her up on it.

I went to Jack in the Box’s for a chicken sandwich and head back to my apartment, which upon my arrival, I receive a call that the service was done. Swell… I headed back and picked it up, even though the walk wasn’t a short one.

The fenders look great. I’m stoked at how nice they look, even though they’re supposed to get muddy later. At least I’m ready for the rain!

My family came to visit my apartment last night, bringing in the last stretch of things they felt I’d need.

I took my sister to downtown Davis to show her around while my parents went to a casino. I forgot that most of the stores would be closed on Sunday, though! We didn’t get to do anything, aside from buying frozen yoghurt.

After that, the two of us just hung around the apartment and watched an annoying movie all the way through. I was getting biology homework done.

When our parents came back, we went out for Hawaiian BBQ. I was really happy about it because we all sat down together and ate. They were off on their way after that, though.

I had a fun day. I’m always happy my family come to visit. I love them very much and always wish them a safe trip home. I admit I do get upset when they say they’re coming, because I feel they don’t need to come as often as they do– it’s a waste of gas and the drive is a waste of their time.

But I really am glad they choose to visit me anyway.

Comcast came over to our apartment to set up internet and TV… I tried to mess with it to make it go from WPA to WEP, but that didn’t go so well, so I had to call the guy over again. Once internet was up and running, it kept disconnecting, so I updated the firmware in hopes of fixing the problem.

Then I went to the bookstore and bought the lab manual I’d need for BIS002B. I need to start the pre-lab sometime soon.

At around 8:00 PM, I went to watch Toy Story 3 play in the ARC field. It was a really great movie. And here I thought I’d never watch it since I missed watching it with Tomo and daddy!

My face is red.. I probably got sunburned yesterday in the last minutes of my deep sea fishing trip.

I accompanied dad on some business today. We had lunch at In-N-Out, then he went to deliver stuff. When we got home, we stayed for a little bit before heading out to Anderson Park. I found a myrcokerewards.comcode from a torn soda can box I found lying around.

We then went up to look at the lake, then took the scenic route to Fro-Yo for some frozen yogurt. When we returned home once again, I helped my dad rotate the tires on his car.

Tough day. I’m tired.

Left for work at SJSU at around 10 AM. I arrived, but Elaine wasn’t there yet so I sat around on the computer waiting for her. I’m a new intern, and I couldn’t find the plates I needed to work on, so I thought to wait for her before I got started, since I needed to be monitored as well.

I almost left work early, but then I found some things I could do for the other grad student. It was tedious work, but I was happy I could offer aid to both higher-ups. It was an opportunity I was pleased with.

After that, I was going to leave work again, but then E and C came, and I opted to stay and see through the “new procedure” for mini-preps. I ended up being unable to leave until 5 PM.

I drove straight home to catch up with my dad, who took my sister and I back to San Jose yet again for some errands. My dad’s friend is funny, and I enjoy talking to my grandmas. It’s a shame we have a language barrier!

I’m just home now. I’m looking at SAKKA players. I’m sad that I’m joining the World Cup excitement too late– US already lost! I didn’t realize we had such good-looking soccer players! Carlos Bocanegro is INSANELY hot. =o

Samurai Blue plays tomorrow, right? I hope I remember to catch the game!

I’m lucky I didn’t, or rather, couldn’t participate in several of Science Alliance’s club activites today. November 14 was already a busy-sounding day since near the end of October.

Started my morning waking up at 7:00 AM to get ready to head to CERT training at 8:00 AM. It was really busy! Search and Rescue was the first drill my team had to do, and that portion didn’t go too well. My confidence was crushed. After that we did medical (where I forgot how body assessment went), Command post, and cribbing.

I stayed there until about 12:15 PM, where I had to leave before the last portion of training to get home so my dad, sister, and I could all head for the Plant Tour I signed us up for in San Jose. Thank goodness my dad gave me a ring, otherwise I would have left the site at about 12:30 PM. Then it would’ve been too late. My mom kept nagging me for the map of the place we were headed to, and she told us that it was far. If we were to get there, we’d better go now or we’d be late.

That threw us into a panic, so we hurried to get there. I didn’t know howt he tour would work so I really thought the bus would leave without us if we were late.  We even got lost on the way, but we found it in time. We missed some minutes of the information, but we were able to board the bus.

It was interesting, but cribbing must have had me really exhausted or something, because I could NOT pay attention to the tour. I did understand and learn a few good things, though. I liked seeing all the treatment water from the sewage got, even though most of the process was hidden underground.

After that, we headed to Milpitas to have lunch at Togos and bought teriyaki at Happi House. We were going to go to the Great Mall, but my mom called us so we thought she wanted us home. When we got home, she had already left for grandma’s. We went to church, then Safeway, then headed over to Gamestop to pick up HM Animal Parade and Sunshine Islands.

I played Animal Parade for three in-game days, and then decided to get ready for bed and try to study. I’m sooo tired.

Yep, we went to Rebecca, a co-worker of my mom’s funeral. Afterwards, there were some good cakes and gummy bears, because that’s what the deceased loved. My sister and I didn’t know her personally, but my mom says when Rebecca asks about us, she always called my sister and I by our names, not as “Your kids”. So of course, I felt I must attend!

Afterwards, we went to grandma’s and stayed around for awhile. She wasn’t home so we waited for her to come home. Our two little cousins came over, too, since their parents were going to a wedding. Dad took us to his mom’s place after, and that grandma gave me a brown knitted scarf. Then we went over to Tutti Frutti’s and had some frozen yoghurt. Yep, now I’m home!

So, today I went to the movie theaters on my own with my sister. (Wait, is that really on my own, then?) It was my first time driving to some place other than school without my parents, so.. yeah. Tomo missed seeing the movie with her friends on Saturday, so I told her I’d make up for it by taking her today, which I did. We invited Wendy to come with us. ^^

We went to watch Paul Blart: Mall Cop. It was great! I love the comedy aspect of it all. There were so many funny bits.


I really liked how Veck (is that his name?) is introduced in the beginning as a rookie who dropped out of highschool and such, and immediatelyhe is exasperated with Paul’s mall cop duties. (Seriously, pulling a man on a motorized wheelchair over like he was a speeding car? Then getting beat up by the scary lady in Victoria’s Secret). I really didn’t think Veck would have much of a part in the story. Like, his name was only introduced really briefly, and he just randomly appeared at various spots out of nowhere like a no-face guy. Heck, he (sort-of) defended Paul when he told off the pen salesman, and was there to watch Paul try to eat more nachos than the other big guy.

Then when the mall was being taken over by those delinquents, he just HAD to be there at the bank with Amy and the pen salesman, too. Really, I thought him no more than just a nobody, and he turns out to be the leader. Heck, and just moments before that, I thought it would be funny if he and Amy ended up together instead of Paul and Amy. I actually liked the idea of that pairing because they looked good together, not that Paul isn’t a good guy. Ah, and then he hit on her, making a mention of Bonnie and Clyde, whose names I recognize but never bothered with that bit of history.

That said, I didn’t like the ending that much. I mean, I liked it, but Paul ending up with Amy, although obvious, was kind of strange to me. They didn’t go out or anything, and yet they went and got married. o_O Sure, he saved a lot of lives, but is that enough of a reason to wed? Paul isn’t even ugly for a big fellow who is a lost cause, too. I felt bad for him in the movie because he really had a big heart and all, but when you’re big-boned/fat, people judge you just like that, however mean that is. )X

I still don’t get why Amy was wearing that short black crew cut wig. Must be an advertisement for her store. In any case, I don’t think Amy had much of a personality. Or at least, she didn’t show much with Paul. She had some odd way of showing sarcasm towards the pen salesman and Veck, and she just simply showed disgust when Paul approaches her the night after he got tipsy.  How old was she, anyway? She talked about texting all the time like she was a teen or something @_@;

I like Paul’s relationship with his daughter. She cares a lot about him, and I was wondering why she looked different from her dad! I normally disapprove of fathers who divorce their wives, but in this case, the mother left him for a horrible reason, so it’s okay. ^^; Tomo says she’s seen the girl who plays the daughter before on Disney’s Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Paul having random tattoos on his back was funny, too. It was funny at first, but funnier the second time because the producers haven’t forgotten about it. (X And when he fainted while talking to Veck on the intercom was funny. His attempt to blow dirt off the lollipop was so futile, I had to laugh out loud.

Ah, I really liked the SWAT leader guy’s voice. Nice and strong. Who would have known he was on the same side as the mall bandits? I missed the reason why he got shot at in the end, but Wendy told me it was because he was about ot shoot Paul? The part where he got arrested amazed me. It was the old man who is the head of the mall cops who shot at him and not the police chief! And the police chief with a mole just saunters over to the SWAT guy and arrests him. That was amusing.

Those two police guys are funny for being not very important. First the old guy’s list of “comebacks” that could be used to tell off the SWAT guy, but that didn’t work, and then the police chief’s ability to come up with a good comeback in the end. Oh, and the broken communication between the mall cop chief and Paul and the SWAT guy was golden. I guess he didn’t want to talk to Mr. SWAT.

I couldn’t help but wonder what of the guy who lent him his daughter’s phone’s daughter phone after Paul threw it at the ground. I mean, he was borrowing that! Oh, and the guy’s daughter’s ex-boyfriend is so creepy, but his accent was funny. XD

Anyway, afterwards, Tomo and I went to church to help mom pass out food to the poor people, and that was all for today.

Went to Grandma’s. Tomo went with our mom and aunt to the supermarket, and there she encountered a pretty funny scene.

Our mom asked an employee there for two pounds of a product. The employee, a Mexican, tries to speak in Vietnamese to her (because it was a Vietnamese supermarket) by asking “Hai?” (Which means two in Vietnamese.)

Our brilliant mother, thinking he said five, goes and says “No, two! I can’t eat five by myself!”

At this point, our aunt cuts in “What’s two in Spanish? Uno?”

My sister answers, “No, it’s dos.”

And mom remarks to the Mexican employee, “How funny, we have a Spanish trying to speak Vietnamese here, and Vietnamese over there trying to speak Spanish.”

I feel sorry for that guy. He must have done his best to try and speak our language.

 I played Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility for a bit just to show Tomo and Mom my wedding to Toby. XD Turns out the guy doesn’t make me bento like Tomo’s Owen does. )X

We went to grandma’s and hung out there for awhile. I drew up my entry for this contest on dA, and I think I’m done.. I just need to ink it later. I played with the baby cousin for some time, then when we left, we stopped by the super market and bought some rice vermicelli, shrimp chips, and stuff. Then we went home.

Relevence of the title? Tomo and I ate some chocolate at grandma’s. XD

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