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Hello Kitty Cake by BreadTalk

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008


BreadTalk is a chain of franchised breads shop you can find in the Asia Pacific region, including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and many more. 

And just in time for my birthday (which is today!) I saw a cute picture of a Hello Kitty Cake by BreadTalk from someone’s online album that looks quite yummy:

Hello Kitty Cake by BreadTalk box

Hello Kitty Cake by BreadTalk 

The poster said this is her birthday cake for 2008 from the Beijing store - Thanks so much for sharing & Happy Birthday to you too!

Hello Kitty Mid Autumn Festival Special

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008


Mid Autumn will be fast approaching next month on the 14th, and the racks of treats created especially for this festival are all hitting the stores now.

People like me who are from Hong Kong are used to having mooncakes filled with egg yolks and lotus seed paste on this day, but people from Taiwan are a little more creative and have other stuff available for this festival; which include:

A set of Pineapple treats shaped like our regular mooncake -

Hello Kitty Pineapple Cake

and a nice box of seaweeds great for gift giving - 

Hello Kitty Seaweeds

Pondering what to have this year on our table to celebrate Mid Autumn festival : )

Spotted at kijiji in Taiwan.

Hello Kitty Food

Monday, August 11th, 2008


Was browsing around for new ideas for nutritious and good looking kids meals and found some very cool looking Hello Kitty food around the web:

Anyone ready to eat some lunch/snacks/dinner? : )

Hello Kitty McDonald Ad

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

Came across this video on youtube while looking for something else, which was an older Hello Kitty x McDonald promotion (either in China or Taiwan, not sure where):

And then I tried my luck and found the most recent Hello Kitty x McDonald promotion in Hong Kong:

So cute!  Wonder if my sisters in Hong Kong ate some McDonalds lately : )

Bake a Hello Kitty Cake or Pancake with your Microwave!

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008


Don’t have an oven?  No problem!  You can still ‘bake’ a Hello Kitty shaped cake/pancake with this little Hello Kitty face shaped mould that I came across on eBay:

Hello Kitty Cake Mould 1

Hello Kitty Cake Mould 2

The meal will be even more complete to serve with a Hello Kitty GOLD PLATED (!) serving knife which I also spotted from eBay:

Hello Kitty Cake Server

I am quite interested in the serving knife and at less than US$10- after shipping is considered I think it’s something I can consider adding to my collection!  (I only buy useful things these days hehehe ^___^ )

Make a Hello Kitty Shaped Egg

Friday, July 25th, 2008


Saw this Hello Kitty Boiled Egg Mould on eBay which promise to give you a Hello Kitty shaped egg:

Hello Kitty Egg Mold Package

Hello Kitty Egg Mold

Instruction said that one should boil the egg first and remove the shell and then put the egg inside the mould and place in cold water … does that really work? 

I can’t seem to make sense out of it - I would think for a million year one should crack a raw egg into the mould and boil the whole thing together.  Shaping an already cooked egg and force it into a mould just sounds so impossible to me ^^”””

Any one own this who can solve the mystery for me?

Hello Kitty Bakingware

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Hello Kitty Baking Supplies

This is another thing I found while browsing on - Hello Kitty baking supplies which include cake cups and tin foil!!!!

How cute : )  Too bad Master Ethan prefers breads over cupcakes!

Hotpot or Korean BBQ?

Friday, July 11th, 2008


Haven’t had neither for quite sometime (don’t think Ethan has patient for neither) but I feel having Korean BBQ after seeing these Hello Kitty appliances:

Hello Kitty Steamer Pot

Hello Kitty Cooking Pan

Soooooo cute!  And perfectly sized for myself and my husband to enjoy : ) 

Feeling hungry?

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

Since Ethan is sick this past week, his demand for breast milk was up significantly thus my hunger signs rang almost every 2 ~ 3 hours like he demands me every 2~3 hours.  So my mouth is watering as soon as I see this picture from an email forward:

Show me the food, NOW!!!  hahaha

Have a wonderful weekend everyone : )

Homemade Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

Friday, June 13th, 2008

Came across minghew’s blog on while bloghopping and saw this really cute Hello Kitty cake that she made for a client which looked really great:

Home made Hello Kitty cake

It looked really professional!  I am not a good baker and I don’t really enjoy cakes, but this sure looks yummy.  Have you baked any Hello Kitty treats?  Please share if you have any experience!

Hello Kitty Bento

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Came across this other Hello Kitty Bento from an email forward, looks so YUMMMMMY!

With all the veggies, beans and sausage, it seems very healthy too! 

Bon Appetit!

Hello Kitty Thermo Teapot

Friday, May 30th, 2008

Love tea?  Then you should defeinitely check on this item!

Perfect for the office, the new Hello Kitty Thermo Teapot claims to keep drinks hot (or cold) for up to 6 hours.

With improved thermo technology, you can even make Chinese herbal dessert or congee with boiled water added to this pot : )


I luuuuuuv the pink designs used on this pot but too bad it seems to be available in Taiwan only for about TW$450- (and it’s too hot now to drink from a thermo these days anyway!)

Hello Kitty x More Water Promotion

Monday, May 26th, 2008

More Water is a popular water brand in Taiwan, and there is a promotion currently going on in Taiwan where each two More Water caps will get you a chance to win Hello Kitty items such as Nokia cellphone, free night stay at the Hello Kitty hotel room, etc. etc.

Since entry requires a valid Taiwanese ID number, I guess it’s not really open for oversea visitors, but it’s worth taking a look at their prizes anyway - I especially love the 8 glasses water bottle/dispenser!

For more details on this promotion, see this link.

Hello Kitty & Anpanman Pancakes

Monday, May 19th, 2008

It was YeungBaBa’s birthday in the lunar calendar last week, instead of baking a cake, I prepared some Hello Kitty and Anpanman pancakes for him as breakfast:

They were made with my recent purchase from Yahoo! Hong Kong auction - turns out the Hello Kitty pan didn’t work as well as the Anpanmna pan, either it’s the material or the special shape of Kitty’s face.  We can’t really see much of Kitty’s feature except for her nose.

But tastes great nonetheless - since it’s thicker than what we usually made without the special pans, they are extra soft and fluffy!

Yum Yum!

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Hello Kitty Vitamins

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Now Hello Kitty can help you to stay healthy!

With all of us living busy, it’s not always easy to find time to eat right, so a good multi-vitamin can help to make sure you get all the vitamins you might need.

The Hello Kitty vitamins come in chewable form or gummy form: 


Both are designed perfect for anyone of all ages - plus it comes in great fruit flavours!


Cutest pot ever!

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Hmm … some possible addition to my kitchen?

A tomoto shaped pot:

and a Hello Kitty thermo (pressure) pot:


Does food taste better when cooked with a Kitty pot? : D

Hello Kitty Ice-Cream

Monday, May 12th, 2008

Not sure about you but I absolutely luuuuuuuuuuuuv ice-cream, especially the Japanese varities - seasame, red beans, green tea … oh so delicious!

Came across this Taiwanese mom’s blog whose kids love Hello Kitty, and she ordered some really cute Hello Kitty Ice-cream from Eva Air’s online shop after hearing about it on the news.

Here is what it looks like on the official website … seems like nothing special huh:


Hello Kitty SIGG bottles

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

With all the news about harmful BPA out there, I have stopped drinking from any plastic containers (although I solely breastfeed, studies show that some BPA can be transferred to infants via breastmilk), so the Hello Kitty SIGG bottles I have became very best friend lately.

I got two Hello Kitty SIGG bottles, both souvenirs from Switzerland - one from my mother and another from my sister.  Incidentially, they both decided to get me SIGG bottle of this design:


I checked SIGG’s official website and saw two new designs, which looked like this:

But I think the ones I had look cuter! (hohoho)  The only complaint I have is it is not compatible with straws and the openning is too narrow for Ethan to drink from it.

So for Ethan, I use BPA-free pigeon bottles with a straw or a Hello Kitty stainless steel bottle from Sanrio which comes with an extra wide openning.  Sanrio gift shops (at least the ones in Hong Kong) have started carrying this type of bottles after pulling out most of their plastic bottles from the shelves.

Ours looked similar to this, but ours is bright red with a classic Hello Kitty design (too lazy to go take a picture of mine!) :

The best thing about these bottles is that the cap will never go missing when MaMa drinks from the small openning.  And when the cap is off, the edges are smooth enough for baby to drink directly from through the large openning.

Another bonus - both bottles seem to do well in keeping liquids at reasonable cool temperature; i.e., the water or whatever inside won’t get boiling hot in the summer! 

Impact from BPAs can include insulin resistance, brain and behavioral impacts, early puberty, altered hormone levels, and other reproductive problems (source:; not to mention the other harms we can cause by using  too much plastic - It’s never too late to switch to a BPA free and environmentally friendly bottle - Act Now! : )

The making of Hello Kitty breads

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

There is a Hello Kitty Bakery in Japan, where its name translates literally to “Kitty’s Walking Trail”.  Thanks to my sister, I have been there once on a trip to Japan way back when.

Recently I notice they have an official blog, and they included the steps in making a Kitty-chan bun on it:

STEP 1 - Shaping

STEP 2 - Rising

STEP 3 - Give them eyes and an egg wash for a shiny finish

STEP 4 - Ready to bake!

STEP 5 - Fresh from the oven!

STEP 6 - Decorate and good to EAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!

 I used to bake my own bread for myself and my husband to enjoy as breakfast, but now that Ethan is more demanding, I can hardly find time to do things around the house, not to mention time to bake!

Reading about the making of Hello Kitty buns made me want to turn on the bread machine once again … hopefully one day I can find a few spare hours to make some Kitty-chan and Anpanman buns for all to enjoy!

To read more about the Hello Kitty bakery’s other cute offerings, check out their official website - it’s definitely one of the cutest bakery in the world!

P.S.  They also come up with a new Cinnamoroll design bun just this month - equally as cute!

Hello Kitty Edible Fruits Arrangments

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Did I ever mention that I love chocolate?  Especially chocolate dipped strawberries … they are one of the yummiest treats in town and I have had at least 50 of those while enjoying numerous buffets in Hong Kong!

A very good friend of mine dropped off her wedding invitations and a super yummy edible fruit arrangement over the weekend.  So I went on to the company’s website and look at their other offerings, and this bouquet of dipped strawberries catches my eyes:

And then, on the product list, I came across this:

Kitty shaped pineapples!  They gotta be the sweetest pineapples ever existed! 

Apparently they deliver all across US, Canada nad Puerto Rico.  Sounds like another good idea for Mother’s Day, but I am counting on the couple getting married the day before Mother’s Day to supply me with a chocolate fountain at their wedding to satisfy my cravings for chocolate dipped strawberries … lol

To order yours, click here!

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