Oh my god, a GIANT Hello Kitty in Black


The HKBW event in Hong Kong is starting as of today, and I got loads of emails, messages, and links from my friends in Hong Kong telling me whatever they manage to find about the event.

One of the most interesting link I got was this blog: http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/jw!KI.IoK2fEQX5pUL35.Xm7hycAA–/article?mid=2550

Which contained this picture:

Hello Kitty Black Wonder Giant Kitty

OMG!  A Giant Hello Kitty in Black!!! 

Although Black was never my color of choice, but I do like any Hello Kitty bigger than my son hahaha

The guy said he found this at work, but I can’t quite figure out where he works from his blog, maybe he works for McDonalds? or maybe at a local magazine in the fashion group?  But in any case, I am jealous!  I wish I have something like this standing at work/at home : )

Thanks Pink for sharing!

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