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I know a lot of you  have been wondering where can you have some of the things showcased here on my Hello Kitty blog - well, let me give all of you a quick note why I don’t include links to where you can order them from.

Most, if not all, of the items I mention on this blog are things that I personally find interesting online.  Almost all of them came from Asian websites, which, are either in a language that most of you probably cannot read; or, they simply do not ship internationally.  So rather than confusing people with websites that show monster words on their screens, or a website that simply won’t ship to those who is reading this blog - I intentionally left the where to find information out (unless they do ship to North America where I live - then I will state specifically in the article itself).

As one member said it very well - just by looking at pictures of some of the Kitty stuff already made our day.  I would also add that, loving Hello Kitty does not necessarily mean having to own everything on earth with her face on it (don’t think it’s possible anyway!)  - loving Hello Kitty came from within our hearts and to be kind to everyone just like Hello Kitty loves her many friends.

I hope you find this information to be helpful, and have a happy day filled with Hello Kitty!

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