OMG … not just a resort, a Hello Kitty Land for real!

I have purposedly call my Hello Kitty sites “Hello Kitty Land” because a true “Hello Kitty Land” does not exist - the tour companies in Asia tend to call Sanrio themed parks in Japan “Hello Kitty Land”, but in fact, their true names are Puroland and Harmonyland.  However, an announcement has been made today that a first ever Hello Kitty themed park outside of Japan will be built - in my favourite city, Taiwan, of course!

The new theme park will be built as part of an existing amusement park, Janfusun Fancyworld and the plan included themed rides, hotel and maybe even a casino (probably not Hello Kitty themed - don’t think Sanrio would allow that!)

It will be located in Yunlin, somehwere between Taichung and Kaohsiung, giving us yet another excuse to go visit Hello Kitty Sweets and other things in Taiwan.  (BaBa said we can just take the high speed rail again next time!)

They are still in the gathering financing stage so there is no words as to when the park will finish building and what it might look like … but they are trying to get over TW$600M to get this thing happen, can’t wait to see how that’s going to turn out!

Again … I guess it’s not a bad thing I didn’t go to Taiwan last month, there are more waiting for me next time!  hohoho  (But then, BaBa did say one day he will bring me and Ethan to the Hello Kitty Land [Harmonyland] in Japan ???)

^ The entrance of Puroland in Japan


2 Responses to “OMG … not just a resort, a Hello Kitty Land for real!”

  1. Queen Says:

    We were actually planning to drop by Taiwan while we’re in HK (”King” loves Taiwan), but we don’t have enough time. Guess this would be a good excuse for us to postpone the trip until it’s built!!!

  2. Says:

    haha, maybe we can go together with our *kids* in the future!!!!

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