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The making of Hello Kitty breads

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

There is a Hello Kitty Bakery in Japan, where its name translates literally to “Kitty’s Walking Trail”.  Thanks to my sister, I have been there once on a trip to Japan way back when.

Recently I notice they have an official blog, and they included the steps in making a Kitty-chan bun on it:

STEP 1 - Shaping

STEP 2 - Rising

STEP 3 - Give them eyes and an egg wash for a shiny finish

STEP 4 - Ready to bake!

STEP 5 - Fresh from the oven!

STEP 6 - Decorate and good to EAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!

 I used to bake my own bread for myself and my husband to enjoy as breakfast, but now that Ethan is more demanding, I can hardly find time to do things around the house, not to mention time to bake!

Reading about the making of Hello Kitty buns made me want to turn on the bread machine once again … hopefully one day I can find a few spare hours to make some Kitty-chan and Anpanman buns for all to enjoy!

To read more about the Hello Kitty bakery’s other cute offerings, check out their official website - it’s definitely one of the cutest bakery in the world!

P.S.  They also come up with a new Cinnamoroll design bun just this month - equally as cute!

Mystery of the day …

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

I wrote an article about Hello Kitty breads yesterday and posted it, but it’s now no where to be found!

Eh …… need to write it all over again? : (

BALZAC × Hello Kitty T-shirt Collection

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Read from 《子猫屋》 that a new  series of products are now available for pre-order, bit this vampire themed series of BALZAC × Hello Kitty tees look a little scary to me!

Maybe it’s just me … I prefer something sweet and cute - Hello Kitty just doesn’t seem right in black : (


OMG … not just a resort, a Hello Kitty Land for real!

Monday, April 28th, 2008

I have purposedly call my Hello Kitty sites “Hello Kitty Land” because a true “Hello Kitty Land” does not exist - the tour companies in Asia tend to call Sanrio themed parks in Japan “Hello Kitty Land”, but in fact, their true names are Puroland and Harmonyland.  However, an announcement has been made today that a first ever Hello Kitty themed park outside of Japan will be built - in my favourite city, Taiwan, of course!

The new theme park will be built as part of an existing amusement park, Janfusun Fancyworld and the plan included themed rides, hotel and maybe even a casino (probably not Hello Kitty themed - don’t think Sanrio would allow that!)

It will be located in Yunlin, somehwere between Taichung and Kaohsiung, giving us yet another excuse to go visit Hello Kitty Sweets and other things in Taiwan.  (BaBa said we can just take the high speed rail again next time!)

They are still in the gathering financing stage so there is no words as to when the park will finish building and what it might look like … but they are trying to get over TW$600M to get this thing happen, can’t wait to see how that’s going to turn out!

Again … I guess it’s not a bad thing I didn’t go to Taiwan last month, there are more waiting for me next time!  hohoho  (But then, BaBa did say one day he will bring me and Ethan to the Hello Kitty Land [Harmonyland] in Japan ???)

^ The entrance of Puroland in Japan


Hello Kitty Edible Fruits Arrangments

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Did I ever mention that I love chocolate?  Especially chocolate dipped strawberries … they are one of the yummiest treats in town and I have had at least 50 of those while enjoying numerous buffets in Hong Kong!

A very good friend of mine dropped off her wedding invitations and a super yummy edible fruit arrangement over the weekend.  So I went on to the company’s website and look at their other offerings, and this bouquet of dipped strawberries catches my eyes:

And then, on the product list, I came across this:

Kitty shaped pineapples!  They gotta be the sweetest pineapples ever existed! 

Apparently they deliver all across US, Canada nad Puerto Rico.  Sounds like another good idea for Mother’s Day, but I am counting on the couple getting married the day before Mother’s Day to supply me with a chocolate fountain at their wedding to satisfy my cravings for chocolate dipped strawberries … lol

To order yours, click here!

Hello Kitty Resort (!!!)

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

After flying on EVA’s exclusive Hello Kitty plane, and staying at the Hello Kitty room at Grand Li-Hai Hotel in Kao Hsiung, I think I have another excuse to go to Taiwan again.

It has been made official that there will be a Hello Kitty Themed Resort made available for Kitty fans across the world in Guansi Township of Taiwan as early as July of this year.

Checking on google map, Guansi is in between Taipei and Taichung, my two favourite cities in Taiwan. Plus, Taichung is my husband’s favourite city in Taiwan … that gives me more excuse to go back to Taiwan to visit Hello Kitty Sweets and more on our next trip to Asia (hohoho)

Concept photos released today:

Introductory rates for the room are between TW$16,800-19,800, with rates expecting to increase to TW$22,000 & up once the resort commence operation - that is a minimum spent of US$500+ per room … argh, I guess I need to save up more money before I spent another holiday in Taiwan!  (Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t go last month afterall!)


Latest Hello Kitty Products from Japan

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

Came across this page while browsing which provide a list of latest Hello Kitty goods from Japan:

Most of the items are regional goods - featuring Hello Kitty dressing up in costumes specific for the region and included a large varity of different products such as food, phone straps, clothes etc.

Although it is in Japanese, it seems like it is very frequently updated so it’s worth checking back once in a while to get the latest scope on Kitty goods on the market!

^one of my favourite item from the list - a foldable shopping basket/bag

New Hello Kitty Baby & Lady Perfume in France

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

Koto perfume announced two new perfume in France today for Kitty fans like us. 

Two designs are available in this first deput - one alchohol free version containing a raspberry, hazel nut and violet scent for baby, and another fruity version for grown-up ladies.

The fragrances were developed by Drom Fragrances, creator of the Escada perfumes, Guess, Eden Park, Jacomo or Olivier Strelli.

This is what the bottles look like:


New versions of the perfume is expected to come out twice every year, but since I am allergic to perfume, it’s better for me to just look at them in pictures!

Will this be your perfume of choice?   =^.~=


A Hello Kitty Fridge sure makes things colder!

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

With a gadget so cool, everything inside will sure be colder than usual:


This Hello Kitty mini-fridge runs on AC or DC (in car) power, and would hold a few bottles of water or a few cans of pop perfect for the upcoming summer!

I used to have a pink mini  Hello Kitty fridge similar to this one only it’s more regular fridge like, but it’s now no where to be found after our big move … wonder which corner of the basement is it hiding from me at?

Fyi - this Kitty shaped mini fridge retails at the Sanrio Japan online shop for 25,200 yen ($$$$$!)

It’s out! Hello Kitty x Vogue

Friday, April 25th, 2008

The June issue of Vogue Nippon is Out!  And it completes with a special edition Hello Kitty x Vogue phone strap:

And this is what the cover page looks like:

Contrary to the rumors where Kitty is expected to be wearing Dior on the cover, it is Stella Tennant who is showing on the cover wearing Comme des Garcon instead.  And it seemed like Hello Kitty’s spread will be inside the magazine featuring her shopping around in Paris wearing John Galliano for Dior designs. 

Maybe I should ask my brother to take a look at it (who happens to be in Japan at the moment), but I am not so sure about asking a guy to buy me a copy of  Vogue … hmm …

Hello Kitty Bento … now I am hungry!

Friday, April 25th, 2008

Japanese moms are known to be very creative and crafty when they prepare lunch boxes for their kids to bring to school with the belief that kids will take more healthy food if they looked good.

While browsing the web I came across some very cute bento boxes which a mom created for her daughther, family friends or neighbours.  And I must say - they are very impressive!

Here are what some of her Hello Kitty bento boxes looked like:


I don’t know if I will ever have the patience and time to create something so exotic for Ethan, but they sure look super yummy to me! 

And her title line really touched me, which translate to something like “with a pair of scissors, I create lunches for my pre-school daugther” - you can just feel all of a mother’s love between the lines.

To see more of her cute bento box creations, visit

Hello Kitty Grand Piano in White

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

I have always imagined that when Master Ethan grew up and he no longer needs a playroom, we can convert the was “living room” into a “Grand piano room” with a white grand piano in the middle of the room … how nice would that be!

Of course, the ‘vision’ would be even ‘more’ perfect if the piano has Hello Kitty on it, just like this one:


Too bad this piano is miniature sized, and … none of us in the Yeung’s can play the piano, or, at least, not yet!


Hello Kitty Pre-Wedding Pictures

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Today marks my second wedding anniversary.

Because our wedding day rundown are often packed with way too many events, it is not uncommon for Asian couples to take pre-wedding pictures months before the actual wedding to be sure we got some good shots in wedding gowns.

And I am no exception, my husband and I took our pre-wedding pictures in Taiwan exactly three years ago at masalili on our trip back to Asia.

Didn’t want to be too childish, only one of our pictures actually included Hello Kitty, which looked like this:

Today when I was browsing around on, I saw an engaged couple had their pictures taken at Hello Kitty Sweets - how appropriate and how sweet!!!


To see more of their pre-wedding pictures, click here.

(I still really wanted to go to this restaurant .. awwwwwww)

RoboMop x Hello Kitty

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Being a busy (and lazy!) mom, it’s not always easy to find time to do all the necessary cleaning around the house, but rest assured, Hello Kitty is here to the rescue!

And I present to you - a Hello Kitty robotic mopping machine!

The RoboMop is designed to clean a typical 12 mat size room in just 30 minutes, even hitting hard to reach places like under beds and sofas, noiselessly picking up dust and pet hair along the way.

When finished, all you need to do is throw the dust sheet into the trash.

The Hello Kitty RoboMop, in classic Hello Kitty red, is designed to clean flooring, tile, and linoleum.

See it in action here (unfortunately the narration is in Japanese):

This is maybe just what I need for Mother’s Day hahahahahahahaha


Hello Kitty modelling for Dior

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

The words have been out everywhere, Hello Kitty is going to model for Dior.

For the first time in history a cartoon character is going to be the model for a high end fashion line … and Hello Kitty has been chosen as the icon, no surprise huh? : )

Can’t seem to find any insider pictures yet, but let’s keep checking Vogue Nippon’s official website and I am sure we will see something real soon:

Where is my HKO package?

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Read online that some people have already got their HKO packages, but I keep checking my mailbox for the past couple of days and mine is no where to be found … 

Have you got yours yet? 

Anyone from Canada like me still waiting?

Only two days left until beta testing officially starts …. can’t wait!

See you there : )

New Hello Kitty purchase

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

Just bought this cute Hello Kitty shaped egg/pancake maker from a seller on Yahoo! Hong Kong auction amongst with other cute things for myself and my son:

Can’t wait to receive it and start making Hello Kitty themed breakfast : D

Too bad I don’t think it will be here in time for me to make a wedding anniversary breakfast for YeungBaBa next week … but I don’t think he cares much for a Hello Kitty shaped fried egg anyway!

Hello Kitty Jewelry by Kimora Lee Simmons

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

Came upon this series of Hello Kitty fine Jewelry by Kimora Lee Simmons while browsing around eBay to look for new things to put on my wishlist.

I am crazy about the whole collection … the diamond rings in Simply Kitty or Princess Kitty designs looks cute, but probably not for my age. And, with a price tag of US$4,250, I guess a Hello Kitty ring is not meant for me! (Afterall, I don’t even wear any ring after misplacing my wedding bands … ^^””””””)

Let’s just look at the pictures and be satisifed with it hahaha


Hello Kitty vintage phone - will you sell yours?

Friday, April 18th, 2008

Browsing around Yahoo! Hong Kong auctions again to see if there’s anything new worth adding to my collection and I saw thsi Hello Kitty vintage dial phone in blue up for auction at HK$2,800:

I got the same thing in my collection, only it’s in red and probably not in as good condition as the one pictured in the auction.  Nonetheless, I don’t think I would sell it even if someone offered me HK$28,000 …

On a side note, if someone is selling the vintage Hello Kitty TV for HK$2,800, maybe I will consider buying it (lol)

The Adventures of Hello Kitty and Friends

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Meant to write about this while in Hong Kong, but have been so busy meeting friends and family I didn’t get a chance until now!

Anyway, after reading so much about this 3d animation series on Sanriotown, I finally got a chance to see it on TV during our short stay in Hong Kong.  It’s so different to see them speak in Chinese for a change!

For those of you who don’t get the luxury of watching it on TV, you can get a feel of Hello Kitty & Friends speak in Chinese by watching this home video on yahoo:

The baby in this video loves the show, and Ethan seems to love it too when we watched the show together!

The show is called “Hello Kitty愛漫遊” in Hong Kong with the characters speaking in Chinese but singing in English.  Personally I seem to like their voices in English better!

Per, this show airs every Sunday at 4:00 pm local Hong Kong time, but it seems like season 1 is now over per the official blog. 

I didn’t get to catch much of it during my stay in Hong Kong, hopefully they will be coming to North Amercia soon!

Picture from the offiical 3d animation blog

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