Lovely human, I am back after so long!!! Hope everyone have been good and misses me like I do to you guys! Apologize to you lovely people who have been patiently waiting for me to update my blog post. Pardon me for that… I am a blogger and my main blog is at . you will like to check it out!

Do you know that I am have just graduated? School life is finally coming to an end and yet another new chapter of my life will be opening up for me.  Feeling uncertain and unprepared after so many years being a student. I don’t even know if I can pass through those freaking interviews and even get a job. A lot of my friends who are already working tell me that I will miss school when I finally step into the working society. I can totally relate to it as there is no much rest time for an working adult unless it is public holidays, annual leave and sick leave. Not like when you are a student, you have plenty of time after school to do whatever you want to do. Hang out with friends and stuff. 

Anyways, back to topic. On the 21march, it was my birthday and  I am stepping into my mid 20s! I am still feeling young at heart so I am still a young little girl! Haha! I know you guys must be laughing by now saying I ”buay hiao bai” (no shame in hokkien). Ok, joke aside.. Thanks family and friends for the birthday wishes offline/online as well as those who spend time personally with me to celebrate my mid 20s:) I love you!

Pre-birthday celebration:

Pre-celebration dinner at Dallas was awesome! The food there is nice and comes in big portion! For people who is forever hungry like me will definitely love this place!

Level one is the bar and is kind of noisy seriously (For party people who just want to have a glass of beer and some snacks). When I make my way up to level 2. I was surprised to see that it is a way different experience as compared to level 1! Lovely melody and romantic environment with sea view right in front of my eyes when I look out of the window! I start to love Dallas…


Chill out to have coffee at TCC clarke quay!

Countdown to my birthday that night! 3… 2… 1… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

Samantha Thavasa at ion and saw this adorable hello kitty bag and <3 actually bought it for me and also surprise me with this kitty balloon while i was trying on outfits in a boutique shop. So blessed!
My new collectible bag

Lovely Hello Kitty Birthday Balloon

Hello Kitty Theme Birthday, I guess?

Sweet mid 20s!

Sweet Memories for my 25th!

 Dinner at Tonikichi Japanese Restaurant and of coz salmon is a “must-must”! My favourite!

Not forgetting to thank all my dear friends for the presents!Thanks everyone who make this march so special to me! :) I love each and everyone of you!

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  1. I love the hello kitty bag! Happy birthday and you look lovely! :)

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