You know i have always love pink and ever since young i just love hello kitty so much and i have countless hello kitty stuff! I think my hello kitty stuff can even allow me to open up a hello kitty retail shop or even organise a hello kitty museum!


A graduation kitty from my friend :)



This is a candy Tin (I buy this for the tin not for the candy!!!)

My s3 Lte hello kitty cover

This is my card and i paste it on with a hello kitty sticker

This is the 4 collectibles from mcdonalds!!!

See what lady gaga have done to her outfit this time round!!!! HELLO KITTY TRANSFORMATION! The big red bow which can tell it belongs to hello kitty!!!


Awesome gorgeous dress that she is wearing! Perhaps i can seew all my hello kitty soft toy that i have on a favourite dress of mine and wear it!!! I can do this too! It will be very cute if there is some hello kitty or cosplay event but if i were to wear it on a normal day, i guess people will think i am insane… Haha!!!


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