See how cute this is! How will i bare to eat kitty up!!!

Back Home~ A birthday cake and presents awaits!

How cute is this cake!!! It’s a baby kitty on it and a lovely message from my prince!

(Love you too!)

& a birthday “ang bao” (red packet which contain money inside) from dad! Thanks Daddy!!!

Happy birthday to me!!!

 Let me change to my hello kitty shirt!!!

That’s the birthday gift from my prince

It’s a hello kitty theme birthday this year!

(If you do follow my sanrio blog, you will know that i have wish to have a hello kitty cake for my birthday this year ^^)

My wish is fulfil! Cheers! Happy!

Just love kitty so much! A little gift for myself from sanrio!  Here is a mood detector and a flash light keychain! How cute are they!!! Kitty never fail to make me happy!

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