Chinese new year, the dragon year (2012)

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

How’s everyone right now? Enjoying the new year? Busy visiting relative? Getting fatter after eating up all the delicious snacks?

This prove how much i love Hello Kitty! Meow!

(Love my funky looking hello kitty spec! Love the bow with polka dots on it!)


Happy New Year, Everyone!

I know my new year wishes to everyone is a little too late but hope you guys can forgive me on that because of my busy schedule :(

I will like to share my new year resolution with you guys ^^


What is my new year resolution?

My new year resolution for now is…

1) Pass and get my degree certificate!

2) Hope my blog will have lots of readers and one day i will become a famous full-time blogger.

 3) Earn lots of money, to provide my family and myself for a better life!

4) Hope that my loved ones are healthy as always!

5) World Peace (I know this is impossible to fulfil but at least not too many disagreement and dispute between countries ^^)

 How about you guys? What is your new year resolution?

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