How adorable are they!!! How i wish i can own a chihuahua puppy. Since i was in primary school, i have always wish to get one.

Reasons why I didn’t get a puppy:

1) Mum don’t like it when the puppy mess up the whole house and she got to do the extra household chores.

2) Got to spend a lot of money on the puppy in terms of medication, food, training, grooming.

3) If the puppy die, i will cry like one kind! (I used to rear other small animals in the past and when they die, i cried!)

4) You got to give them all the love and attention. Treat them as part of your family memebers.

5) Got to consider the fact that:

When these animals are little, they are so lovable, people treat them like treasure. When they are old, they abandon them! They are not toys!So there is a need to give a second thought before getting one

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