My 2011 wishlist

(I want all these!!!! Will dreams come true? In my dreams i guess… Haha^^)

Blythe Doll
(See how cute is it with hello kitty dress style on)

(Aim to get a girlish romance looking blythe doll with beautiful dress on will do, the best with hello kitty style and with blue eyes)



Cosplay Costume + Wigs
(Aim to have this sailormoon cosplay costume and wigs for my first ever cosplaying hobby before i aim for miku and leenalee cosplay costume! :P)

This sailormoon cosplay costume and the wigs can be purchase at a cheaper rate less than 100 bucks for both… As compared to others, it’s way cheaper!!!
(Click on the photos to check out the price :P)


Hello kitty Necklances from Poh Heng
(Aim to get either 1… Both look nice… Just cant decide which one to get…)



(Aim to get a cute or elegant looking ddung… Ddung is always one of my favourite doll besides Blythe. I already have one but to me the more the better… Wahaha!)

For sg ddung dolls website

For more design of ddung dolls that can be purchase online from overseas


Huge Giant Hello Kitty Plush

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