Kitty hobbies is quite similar as mine.


Kitty hobbies :

Baking cookies and making pancakes; origami; foreign cultures; playing the piano; tennis; collecting little stars, ribbons, and other cute little things.




My hobbies :

Foreign cultures (especially Korea & Japan culture); playing the piano; collecting cute little things.


merly-lyohellokittysuperstar-pictures.jpgSingapore have made a history in organising the first ever Singapore Youth Olympic Games (YOG). Another proud achievement and moment for Singapore! The Singapore Youth Olympic Games opens August 14, 2010 (Saturday), and scheduled to last 12 days until August 26 (Thursday).

Good luck, Team Singapore!

Not forgetting, our Singapore YOG Mascots, Lyo and Merly! They are just so cute, love them!


Proud that i am made in singapore, being a singaporean. Proud to see our flag fly high. A small little red dot found on the world map that may seem so small to others but big to me. This is where i belong, a place that i will always be. Love you, singapore

ღ нαρρÿ 45th вιяτн∂αÿ ṡιиģαρøяε ヅ

Here is the tutorial that i found on how to make a 3D Hello Kitty Figure:

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