Hello kitty origami Figure:

Pochacco 3D Origami Figure:

Happy birthday to our sanrio stars, Jimmy and Pekkle!


Pekkle’s birthday- 27 July


Jimmy’s birthday- 30 July


Thinking of creative ways to d.i.y all my stuff! Of course, not forgetting there must be hello kitty on it! Here is a video i will like to share with u guys on how to decorate your own hello kitty Ipod phone case/ pouch.

Easy steps on how to make a cute hello kitty origami that i will like to share. You guys can try it too ^^

All of them are so cute, aren’t they? How can anyone disagree about that… Those with coloured boxes over it are my favourite sanrio characters! Love them!


Do you ever wonder how kitty looks like on the inside?

She have blood vessels, nerves, heart, etc…which looks just like us, human!


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