Stylish Kitty Headphones! Gosh! All of them are just so cute and stylish looking! I love the pink one but prefer the design of the red one…

How about you guys?kitty-headphones.jpg

Nail Art have been improving over the years! Lots of designs and nail accessories available nowadays! If i were to have my nails done with a design of course i will want to have such pretty nails with hello kitties on it!!!


Creative way of paper folding art! kitty which is made up of paper which we called “Paper Kitty”!paper-kitty.jpg

More sanrio character food creation!

Little tiny kitties in instant noodleshello-kitty-noodles.jpg

 Hello Kitty Pudding Cakepudding-of-hello-kitty-facehello-kitty-house.jpg

Shirousa breakfast

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