Who said bento are all normal looking. See what i got for you guys! ♥ these bento!  i guess you guys definitely love it too! I have yet to make my own Bento lunch, but i’m becoming more interested in such “art pieces”. Perhaps one day if i have the chance, i might try creating one such “art piece” too!

Hello Kitty:
hello kitty bento

hello-kitty-bento.jpg hello kitty garden bento

Badtz Maru :

badtz maru bento

cinnamoroll bento

kuromi bento

My Melody:
my melody bento

Shirousa (Sugar Bunny):

I just ⓛⓞⓥⓔ kittyin-love.gif

I am a great fan of kitty since little when i am in kindergarten! The adorable, cute cat without mouth just caught my attention! I started to collect hello kitty stuff and even play gachapon (Capsule toy) whenever i saw any hello kitty collectibles available… Till now i still do that even at this age of 20… Who said hello kitty is only for little kids! Adults do collect hello kitty stuff and love hello kitty too! I am one example, ha ha!

It took me 3 days to finish the 24 episode of anime, kobato! Quite impressed that i actually spent 5 to 6 hours per day watching it! Total of 18 hours or less to finish the whole episode! I seem to get serious into cos-play nowadays after watching such an enjoyable anime. Having the thoughts of cos-playing Lenalee lee, Kobato, Miku Hatsune! Still figuring out which one suits my personality. Can’t really decide on which one should i be cos-playing… Any suggestions from you guys?

Lenalee Lee




Miku Hatsune



Want to share with you guys a video on an awesome and interesting painting of kitty!

View here: ^^

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