Kobato (花户小鸠), a new anime that i watched. Addicted watching it now! Funny, touching, tons of cuteness in action! Kobato rocks!

Summary Of Kobato

Kobato is sweet and perky girl, but also extremely naive about the world around her. She has a “mission”, which is to fill a mysterious bottle of hers with the suffering from people’s hearts so her wish to go a certain place that she desires to go can be granted. However, she must not fall in love with a particular boy she works with and whose heart she must heal.

My 20th birthday presents! Kitties!!!! Cute, aren’t they!


and lovely, cute looking candies for my birthday too!



Poem: 20 Candles Of My Life

20 candles finally are here,
I must admit, I waited all year.
So many obstacles, around tried to steer,
Passion for greatness; truly sincere!


A bit more mature, mind fairly clear,
Path in the making; future career.
Wisdom chooses an open ear,
Youthfully bold, conquer my fear,
Never hesitate to shed a new tear.

Do i ever look forever the same,
A few wrinkles, nothing to shame.
Losing external beauty,
But growing internally is my duty.


Time is flying by, who should i blame?
Aging can’t be all that bad,
More experiences, i get to add.


~Thanks guys for making my 20th birthday a wonderful & meaningful one~



huge-kitty.JPGA huge Hello Kitty that i saw. Must be quite costly, i guess! How i wish  i can bring her home!

I had made two banners for my blog at blogger. I can’t made up my mind which one to use, i need a little help from you guys… Which one do you think looks better?


OR THISsweet.jpg

Was really delighted that i was featured in Sanriotown!

Thanks Sanriotown for featuring me as the star blogger of the week (first week of march 2010) !

Guys, do continue to follow me on my blog for dose of cuteness!


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