Full Name:Seo Seol (徐 雪)

Nickname:ddung (read as “dong”)

Age: 4 years old

Blood Type: Type O

Birthday: 19th December

Astrological Star: Sagittarius

Birth-stone: Turquoise (Turkish Stone)

Birth-flower: Narcissus

Protector Star: Mars

Appearance: Height - 99cm, Weight - 17kg

                    Skin – Fair like Snow White

                    Hair Style: Curly with 2 bundles

                    Figure: D-shape, Bulging Tummy

                    Eyes: Big with a playful spirit

                    Face Shape: Chubby


Dream Job: Miss Korea


Birth-place: Seoul, South Korea


Favourite Tagline: “Don’t be silly…”


Hobbies: Singing self-composed songs


Special “Skills”: Catwalking, Doodling


Favourite Food: Ice-cream, Chocolate, Fried Chicken & Strawberrypretty-ddung.jpg


Favourite Colour: Red, Pink


Favourite Number: 3


Fashion Style: Cute & light style, hates to wear pants





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