I am an animal lover! Especially in love with chihuahua puppies and turtles! Here are a few videos that i want to share with you guys! How i wish i can own one chihuahua puppy too, they are just so cute!!!

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These are art designs done by me on cds. Hope you guys love it!


Full Name:Seo Seol (徐 雪)

Nickname:ddung (read as “dong”)

Age: 4 years old

Blood Type: Type O

Birthday: 19th December

Astrological Star: Sagittarius

Birth-stone: Turquoise (Turkish Stone)

Birth-flower: Narcissus

Protector Star: Mars

Appearance: Height - 99cm, Weight - 17kg

                    Skin – Fair like Snow White

                    Hair Style: Curly with 2 bundles

                    Figure: D-shape, Bulging Tummy

                    Eyes: Big with a playful spirit

                    Face Shape: Chubby


Dream Job: Miss Korea


Birth-place: Seoul, South Korea


Favourite Tagline: “Don’t be silly…”


Hobbies: Singing self-composed songs


Special “Skills”: Catwalking, Doodling


Favourite Food: Ice-cream, Chocolate, Fried Chicken & Strawberrypretty-ddung.jpg


Favourite Colour: Red, Pink


Favourite Number: 3


Fashion Style: Cute & light style, hates to wear pants






Just love Ddung dolls that much! Heard from them that they are going to launch new designs! Just can’t wait to see all the newly designed Ddung dolls!

Will be giving a more advance introduction on my next post on the little korea girl- Ddung!

Just love Hello Kitty so much! She is a great accompany buddy to me whenever i am happy or sad!me-sweet-kitty-5.JPG


I had joined the “Call for voices… Yours!” contest! Only girls are wanted in this contest! I have always wish to share my culture with the rest of the world therefore here’s my chance!  Although i am from Singapore, to make it a little special, i have made my own audio clip of self-introduction for where am i from and etc with Korean greetings! It’s a great experience! I do have lots of fun recording!

Using letters, symbol and numbers to create the unique arts of Keroppi!


Using letters, symbol and numbers to create the unique arts of My Melody!


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