I have been working on my own online photo scrapblog for hours! Hope to share with you guys!

Do give me comment on it : )


Hairbows that i have made! Cute?


Finally got myself a ddung doll that i loved! Thanks guys for giving all the suggestions on which ddung doll is the cutest on my previous few posts.


Using letters, symbols and numbers to create the arts of Pochacca!


Using letters, symbol and numbers to create the unique arts of hello kitty!


Visual artwork name : Weird Horror Kitty House


In the next following weeks, i will be showing you guys some of the unique visual and special kitty and friends arts pieces done by me… May arts awaits you!


Was half-asleep early this morning when dad passed me a newsletter. The newsletter shows a hello kitty phone which makes me fully awake! A Pink W395 Sony Ericsson Hello Kitty phone! A sweet hello kitty looking phone that i always wished for!  Although my wine red W902 Sony Ericsson phone doesn’t have any hello kitty prints on it but as compared to both models i think mine is much better though! How i wish my phone have hello kitty prints on it too!!hello-kitty-sony-ericsson-phone.JPG

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