If u asked what kind of house i would like to live in. A Hdb, condominium, terrace house or a landed property?

I would tell you this:

Firstly there must be a signboard to show which town i am living in!


Secondly , there must be a shopping lane with cafes to chill out!


Thirdly, a beautiful main gate which is big enough to invite my relatives and relatives in!


Next, with a beautiful garden with cute lamp stand around


Well, following up will be a hello kitty house which is all pink in colour(my favourite colour of all) fill with hello kitties!!! Favourite character plus favourite colour! What a great combination!


A cool and cute hello kitty car just outside my house!


Ya! This is just what a elegant living room is! A water fountain and elegant lighting!


I want my room to be fill with hello kitties! The wall decoration, bed, chair even toilet!!!

rosy-design-of-hello-kitty-house.jpgvictoria-style-bedroomhellokitty-house.jpg hello-kitty-mirrorhello-kitty-house.jpghello-kiity-chairhello-kitty-house.jpghello-kiity-bathroomhello-kitty-house.jpg

What will i have for my meals?

For breakfast, this is what i will have:


For snack time, i will have:


For Lunch i will have:


For dinner, i will have:


If i am busy,i will have some “pop” for a quick bite! A popcorn machine found in the kitchen!


If i have free time, i will try out different past time by building a Cinnamoroll and friends playhouse,taking photo with a hello kitty camera or do some hello kitty nail arts!


What a blissful life i will be having!!! So blessed!!! SO HEAVENLY! How i wish it’s real!!!

Introduction to Ddung

Ddung is a 4 years old little girl who want to be miss korea when she grow up! She is also well known as a smart and cute little girl!ddung.jpg

I am in love with Ddung! She is so cute… How i wish i have one Ddung doll too! I have decided to save up part of my money for a Ddung doll !


I would like to share with all of you these Ddung dolls! They are made in korea and are really cute!

Visit http://www.nolajoo.com or www.ddung.net to get them!

Bought this fun kitty pack.. Was wondering which kitty i will be getting.

After all the fun, i got myself a green kitty!

Let’s look into the pack to see what’s inside!


It’s a pink ball inside the fun pack! Does the ball look like an egg?


The egg is put into the water for couple of minutes and it hatch into ……

A green kitty!



baby-kittyrabbit.gif TO hello-kitty-in-pink.jpgTOkittylolipop.gif

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to Eline! Happy birthday to me!

I am one year older! Time passed really fast! Can’t imagine that i am already 19 years old! Seem old isn’t it! How i wish i can stay young at 18 or even stay at the age of a little baby! Carefree life!

Thanks to those who made my birthday meaningful !  I had a wonderful birthday this year ! Love you guys!


I think i love Korea just more and more now! Although i am a singaporean and i truly love Singapore but all those Korea dramas, sceneries, songs and fashion just made me go crazy!!!

Was playing with this game just now. Find it quite interesting! By playing this game, it not only enable us to explore into korea fashion but also teaches us some basic skills on how to mix and match our own clothings for certain outing..Cool,isn’t it! By the way that’s my Pink Summer Creation! Do try it out too!  http://www.y8.com/games/Summer_Street_Dressup



I did this personality test a couple of minutes ago…

What you are asked to do is just draw your own house with some other items in it (instructions is given). After the drawing,  ten questions will be asked. Based on both the drawing and the questions. You are then given a summary of your personality!  I find it is quite an interesting and accurate test!  http://www.drawahouse.com/TakeTheTest/

I have drew my own house and name it as rainbow house. Hmm… Perhaps i should call it House in pink instead since i love pink a lot and that i had painted the house pink! See! that’s me and my little puppy at my garden full of colourful and beautiful flowers! With a clear blue sky and rainbows too! Cute?


That’s my result:


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