Was bored today and went to explore my storeroom.Saw some boxes whereby i store my cute items in it and went to look at them.I was shocked when i open the boxes when i found out that there are lots of stuffs in it and the items were collected by me since i was little.So surprised that i even kept candy boxes.These items brings me lots of memories of my childhood days.I was glad that i explored the storeroom orelse i won’t even know that my things were in there…


The New Invention!Cute Hello Kitty Figures!If i have a set of these hello kitty figures,i will display it out to show them off!!!


Yesterday went to the national library.While searching for other books at the business section,saw this hello kitty collective book being misplaced in the business section.Thus i went to read it.The book was packed full of relevant information,images and items that are sold over the world featuring kitty,kitty’s family and friends.I was so engross when i read it.You may try searching for this book at the library or a nearby bookstore.

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