Which sweet dessert will you choose?It tells your personality:)


A combination of sweets.It shows hello kitty sitting on top of all those sweets.Mainly red,pink and white in colour.Cute and pleasant looking.

Personality-You like to explore and  try out different kinds of new things.


 A combination if ice-cream and sweets of two hello kitty faces with hearts around the ice-cream container.

Personality-You are a person who cherish friendship and you are someone who have lots of friends in your life.


A huge hello kitty face with a crown over the simple and pleasant looking ice-cream.

Personality-You are proud of yrself ,always wish to be the first in whatever you do and not letting anyone overtakes you.


A combination of biscuits made up of different shapes and sizes.Chocolate is also found in this desert.Lovely and cute looking dessert.

Personality-You are a person who cherish the love in a relationship.Always wish to be in love with an ideal guy of yours.


A combination of chocolates.Mainly brown and pink in colour.It show hello kitty enjoying herself in the bath tub and chatting along having the phone beside her.

Personality-You are a person who enjoy life,you like to chat and hang up a lot with friends.

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