Cute hello kitty lollipop that will you give you a sweet tooth!


I was bored in the morning and there is no interesting tv programmes for me to watch therefore i decided to tune in into kids channel to watch some cartoons.To my surprise,i saw that they are showing the hello kitty animation.The character in this animation were not only cute and adorable,this show is  also educational.It shows how kitty and her friends help one another when they are in needed.

Cute faces of hello kitty!!!

Lots of love and effort must have put in to prepare such a pleasant looking and tasty meal.I will not bare to eat it if i have these for my lunch!

I will try making hello kitty set meals for my dearest family one day…

kitty-set-meal.jpg hello-kitty-lunch.jpgobento-kitty-set-meal.jpgkitty-white-in-black-and-gold.jpg

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