I received a few presents for my birthday.I  love this hello kitty solar power figure that my best buddy gave and the necklace from Eve.Still got two more presents not delivered to my hands yet…One from my god-sister whereby she had already bought it but have forgotten to bring it along with her when we meet up for shopping the last time and the other from mum.Mum had promise to buy me a huge hello kitty figure clock…Anticipate the day to come!


Today is a “good friday”.The day whereby Christians commemorate the passion, or suffering, and death on the cross of the Lord, Jesus Christ.This year “good friday” falls on the same date as my birthday.What a coincidence!!!Received a few presents and celebrate 4 times for my birthday…An early birthday celebration with my godsister on the 17 march,18 with my best buddy and 20 with Eve.On the 21march itself with my dearest family.I really had an enjoyable and wonderful 18th birthday this year!


If i have that much money to bring them all home…i will…



The world largest hello kitty in the world is found in japan.This hello kitty statue is 2.5-meter tall and 1.7-meter wide covered with tiles.How i wish i have a big house with this hello kitty statue in my garden.

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