Real Name: Daniel Star

Birthday: May 3 (He’s the same age as Hello Kitty!)

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Birthplace: London, England

Hobby: photographing wildlife

Good at: dancing and playing the piano

Future dream: to be a famous photographer, or a celebrity

Favorite foods: cheesecake, yogurt

Family: Papa, Mama, and one younger brother

Trademark: a hairstyle that defies gravity (in other words, it sticks up…)

Personality: Daniel is moved by the smallest thing. He is very sentimental, and a bit naive. His fashion sense, though, is second to none: Daniel knows how to dress totally cool!

Daniel was Hello Kitty’s childhood companion. As babies, they frolicked and played together. Daniel’s father was posted to Africa, however, so the whole family departed. After living in several locations around the world, Daniel ended up in New York, and from there, he returned to England where he was reunited with Kitty. Thanks to his stint in New York and his natural sense of rhythm, Daniel is a pretty awesome hip-hop dancer.

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