Hello Kitty’s Family: 


kitty.jpg KITTY - A very energetic little girl, Kitty loves to play outdoors, in the park or forest. But you can also find her happily practicing on the piano or baking a cake, too!
mimmy.jpg MIMMY - Kitty’s twin sister. She is shy. Kitty and Mimmy always spend time together because they are best friends. Mimmy wears a ribbon on her right ear so people can tell her and Kitty apart.
kittysfather-george.jpg GEORGE - Kitty’s Papa. He has a fabulous sense of humor and loves to make his family laugh. George works for a trading company. He is always hardworking and dependable, but sometimes a little absent-minded
kittys-mama-mary.jpg MARY - Kitty’s Mama. She is very kind and loving. Mary loves cooking and taking care of the house. Her apple pie is famous
kittys-grandpa-anthony.jpg ANTHONY - Kitty’s Grandpa. He knows lots of neat stuff, and can tell great tales. Also he loves to paint
kittys-grandma-margaret.jpg MARGARET - Kitty’s Grandma. She is a master pudding maker. And she loves doing embroidery in her rocking-chair.

Hello Kitty’s Friends: 


cathy.jpg CATHY - She is a quiet and gentle little girl rabbit. She always thinks of others before herself.
tippy.jpg TIPPY - He is a strong and kind-hearted. And this big lad wants to be Kitty’s number one beau.
joey.jpg JOEY - He is the most popular guy at school. As he is a cute mouse, he is a bit of a butterfingers but top-notch in track events.
joey-girlfriend.jpg JOEY’s Girlfriend - Joeys girlfriend is as active as he is and often keeps himrunning
jodie.jpg JODIE - A dog with a noggin for knowledge. Loves to study, and wants to be a researcher some day.
tracy.jpg TRACY - He is a perky little raccoon who is often up to some harmless mischief. And he is everyone’s friend!!!!!
tiny-chum.jpg TINY CHUM - He is a cute and furry fellow who is a good company all the time. Because of this, Kitty and Mimi treats him like a younger brother!
rory.jpg RORY - A very special squirrel who teaches Kitty about the secrets of the forest. They met when Hello Kitty was gathering flowers.
mory.jpg MORY - A shy, little mole who lives in Kitty’s back yard.
tim.jpg TIM - If there is fun, these two little monkeys are always to be found in the middle of it no matter where it is!!
tammy.jpg TAMMY - If there is fun, these two little monkeys are always to be found in the middle of it no matter where it is!!
fifi.jpg FIFI - Fifi is all talk, all action. She is a little miss who doesn’t know the exact meaning of “time out”.

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