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I love Hello Kitty!Because she’s just so cute!Besides being cute,she is kind,friendly,helpful and also  good thinker.I started loving her when i was still a little kidergarden child.I have been learning about her and collecting items featuring Hello Kitty since then!


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About Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty was born on November 1st 1974, in suburban London, England.She weighs the same as 3 apples. She is very energetic and loves to play outdoors, in the park or forest. But you can also find her happily practicing on the piano or baking a cake, too!

Kitty lives in London, England with her mother, Mary, dad, George, and twin sister Mimmy. Kitty is curious whereas Mimmy is shy.

Hello Kitty symbolizes generosity, innocence, kindness and most importantly… friendship.

Her friends are Cathy, Tippy, Joey, Jodie, Fifi, Tracy, Tiny Chum, Rory, Mory, Tim and Tommy. Both Hello Kitty and Mimi are in 3rd grade. They have many friends at school and, together, they share many adventures.

When school’s out Hello Kitty travels the world making new friends.Her generosity and kindness endear her to everyone she meets. Her favorite thing is do tea parties and her hobbies include music, reading, eating the cookies her mother bakes, and best of all making new friends. Like she says “You can never have too many friends.

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 According to Wikipedia:
“Hello Kitty was originally to be named “Kitty White” (from one of the cats that  Alice kept in the book Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll), due to British culture being popular among Japanese girls at the time of her inception. However, this name was not adopted. The name “Hello Kitty” originated from a mistranslation of the name of Japan’s famous maneki neko (”welcoming cat”), the primary inspiration for the character.

When Hello Kitty’s boyfriend “Dear Daniel” was created in 1999, designers took his name from the 1971 film Melody, which starred Mark Lester as a character called Daniel and features songs by the Bee Gees.

Hello Kitty’s fictional world includes a whole array of friends and family members. Since 2004 she has even had a pet cat of her own called Charmmy Kitty and a pet hamster called Sugar. Charmmy resembles Hello Kitty but has more cat-like features. Charmmy Kitty was given to Hello Kitty by her father, George White, and Sugar by Dear Daniel.

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