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Ever wondered what will be the outcome if you fuse Hello Kitty and a mushroom together? Well look no more! Behold the Hello Kitty Petit Kawaii Mushroom Chair!


It’s so cute and fluffy!!!  Use this chair to sit seiza-style. You can also hug it, cuddle it and treat it just like any other stuff toy.


Good news for Hello Kitty and “Tamagotchi” fanatics out there! Ever wanted to have Hello Kitty as a pet? Now you can! Introducing the Pocket Hello Kitty!It is officially licensed by Sanrio, made by Nintendo and has been out since 1998.

This “Tamagochi“-like gadget will surely be a great addition to your collection. It features unique gameplay. Its basis is how many steps you take in real life which becomes ‘kitts’ on the game. A good way to earn them is by walking or jogging a lot which can be good exercise as well. It’s so small too, it easily fits inside your pocket!

In this game you explore “Kitty’s Forest” where you can find lots of items to customize Hello Kitty with and meet new friends.

Here is a picture of it below:

Wow Hello Kitty versions of Batman, Iron man, Buzz Lightyear and many more! Do you or your boyfriend like them? :D










Delight someone special with this lovable extra fluffy 6" Hello Kitty plush. Hello Kitty is adorable as she can be in her soft pink sleep wear all ready to doze off into sweet heavenly dreams. Sleeping My Melody and Cinnamoroll are available too.





What happens when Hello Kitty and My Melody merge? A cute little cat bunny will emerge! This fluffy little addition to the ever expanding line of Hello Kitty Plushes is definitely a collector’s item.  After all, how often can one see Hello Kitty in a cute bunny costume? :)

Click here for more info!

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