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Good news for Hello Kitty and “Tamagotchi” fanatics out there! Ever wanted to have Hello Kitty as a pet? Now you can! Introducing the Pocket Hello Kitty!It is officially licensed by Sanrio, made by Nintendo and has been out since 1998.

This “Tamagochi“-like gadget will surely be a great addition to your collection. It features unique gameplay. Its basis is how many steps you take in real life which becomes ‘kitts’ on the game. A good way to earn them is by walking or jogging a lot which can be good exercise as well. It’s so small too, it easily fits inside your pocket!

In this game you explore “Kitty’s Forest” where you can find lots of items to customize Hello Kitty with and meet new friends.

Here is a picture of it below:

For generations, Kitty White’s iconic face graced the simple and turned them into fabulously cute! AERIAL7 Headphones are anything but simple. They are fashionable headphones, and they were made on the idea that sound can be combined with eye-catching design. AERIAL7 headphones deliver unparalleled audio quality in models that are fashion forward. Their models have cutting edge styles influenced by DJ culture, streetwear, sports, art and high fashion.


Now, our feline celebrity and cuteness phenomenon, Hello Kitty, combines forces with Aerial7!  Sanrio and AERIAL7 collaborated to make a fashion forward headset that produces superior sound quality. Dabbed in vivid red, black and white, the headphone features Kitty White’s face on the ear cups, with black and white printed ear cushions and “HELLO KITTY” printed across the adjustable reinforced headband.  


These kittified AERIAL7 headphones are available at select retailers such as Hot Topic, FYE, Urban Outfitters, and Sanrio stores! They’re also available online at Sanrio website and AERIAL7 website.


Geekiness and cuteness come together in this amazing Hello Kitty Nerd® MIMOBOT®! Our beloved Kitty White expresses her geeky and studious side as she dons nerd fashion: sporting thick-rimmed black spectacles, a pocket protector and a checkered version of her signature bow!




These kittified designer flash drives are offered in memory capacities ranging from 2 GB to 16 GB, and comes with preloaded MIMOBOT content like wallpapers, screensavers and videos. Hello Kitty Nerd® MIMOBOT® is the latest addition to Mimoco’s Hello Kitty Line, joining other Sanrio-themed USB flash drives. Other Sanrio characters include My Melody, Chococat and Tuxedo Sam!




Hello Kitty Nerd is the Ultimate Kawaii Geek! You can buy one of these MIMOBOTs here! http://www.mimoco.com/shop/hellokitty/hello-kitty-nerd-kitty-mimobot.html




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Well, this one is just irresistibly and unforgivably cute! This Kittified iPod Dock Station is touch-sensitive gadget designed upon the iconic image of our beloved Kitty White! The dock station features 2.5w/2ch+6w left/right speakers with 60Hz-20Khz frequency response. The Hello Kitty speaker dock comes with “Surface Mounting Technology” and “Lossless Energy Amplificiation Technology” for 360° sound.



The dock station also comes with a remote control, but it features a cutesy way to control the volume: caressing Hello Kitty’s left ear decreases the volume, while touching her right ear will turn it up! Now, THAT is cute. The kittified dock station is available in two colors (pink and white), and is highly fashionable!



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It’s a fact: anything that looks simple can turn into something cute and fashionable if you slap Hello Kitty icon on it! Here, Hello Kitty meets the Fisheye! The Fish Eye One Hello Kitty Edition is a limited edition lomography camera, fabulously dabbed in retro blue with vibrant red accents. The camera is kittified with the undying cuteness of Hello Kitty, and with 170 degree perspective in compact circle, the fisheye captures the world in whimsical, wide-angled shots—the Fisheye effect! The film type is 35mm, and the camera’s lens cap is also embossed with Hello Kitty logo!





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