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For generations, Kitty White’s iconic face graced the simple and turned them into fabulously cute! AERIAL7 Headphones are anything but simple. They are fashionable headphones, and they were made on the idea that sound can be combined with eye-catching design. AERIAL7 headphones deliver unparalleled audio quality in models that are fashion forward. Their models have cutting edge styles influenced by DJ culture, streetwear, sports, art and high fashion.


Now, our feline celebrity and cuteness phenomenon, Hello Kitty, combines forces with Aerial7!  Sanrio and AERIAL7 collaborated to make a fashion forward headset that produces superior sound quality. Dabbed in vivid red, black and white, the headphone features Kitty White’s face on the ear cups, with black and white printed ear cushions and “HELLO KITTY” printed across the adjustable reinforced headband.  


These kittified AERIAL7 headphones are available at select retailers such as Hot Topic, FYE, Urban Outfitters, and Sanrio stores! They’re also available online at Sanrio website and AERIAL7 website.


Don’t you just love the delightful, quirky charm of geeks? Once again, our beloved feline celebrity Kitty White shows her nerdy side through this fashionable tote bag, combining cuteness and geekiness together! Bespectacled with thick-rimmed black glasses and adorned with a plaid version of her signature bow, this nerdilicious tote bag comes in tan.


This Loungefly tote is made with heavy canvas, denim and faux-leather. Kitty White’s artwork features appliqué, embroidery and plaid. Now you can enhance your geek appeal and look academically outstanding with this tote bag! Now why not show your true inner nerd as you proudly tote around with this nerdified kittified tote bag? Gear up for school or work in style! Look fabulously smart and studious!

Nerds rule!


It’s a fact: Kitty White has a tendency to make the plain into irresistibly kawaii! She has been doing this for thirty five years already and she’s still at it! Now, our beloved Hello Kitty has deigned to grace our phones with her cuteness magic. Introducing Hello Kitty Princess Decode Perfect Kit by Strapya World! Now you can decorate your own phone and express yourself through customizing it with this fantastic phone decoration toolkit!


The toolbox contains all things kawaii, guaranteed to make your phone ten-times cuter. The box contains lovely pieces like heart gems, pearls, ribbons, and the iconic charm of the feline celebrity Kitty White! The Hello Kitty Princess Decoden Perfect Kit comes in three decoration themes: Rose, Ribbons and Sweets!


Decorating your phone won’t be hard and messy at all as the toolbox contains special glue sheets, which make attaching the decoden parts as easy as counting your fingers! Get your phone fabulously kittified with Hello Kitty Princess Decodent Perfect Kit!


To read more about these products, please visit:


http://www.strapya-world.com/products/31858.html <- Princess Kitty Roses

http://www.strapya-world.com/products/31860.html <- Princess Kitty Ribbons

http://www.strapya-world.com/products/31859.html <- Princess Kitty Sweets


Can you just imagine how fantabulous it is to become cute and glittery at the same time? Ever aspired to become a kittified member of the glitterati? Well, there’s actually a way! A shop at MetroTown Mall in Burnaby, Columbia boasts a display of sparkling, glittering and kittified jewelry featuring the iconic Hello Kitty icon!



These belong to luxurious line of fine jewelry launched by a partnership of Simmons Jewelry co. and Sanrio, “Kimora Lee Simmons for Hello Kitty Fine Jewelry Collection”. American designer Kimora Lee Simmons has crafted her fine jewelry and life-long love for Hello Kitty into this wonderful luxury brand which has women all over the world go gaga over Hello Kitty all once again! The collection is targeted to women who grew up with Hello Kitty and still harbor an emotional connection to the character This collection is fab, glittery, and endearingly cute!




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Gamer-girls, you can now easily express your love for all things cute and all things Hello Kitty through this fashionable kittified Nintendo DS stylus: The Kitty Jewel Stylus Pen! All you need to do is pair this adorable stylus with a pink DS case or a Hello Kitty-themed DS skin for the maximum effect of cuteness! The stylus is not limited only to Nintendo DS or DS Lite as you can also use it for any gadget that uses touch-screen!



Hello Kitty is synonymous to gadgets, games and girls! http://www.strapya-world.com/products/31137.html


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