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Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend. They are generally easy to get along with and very loyal once you treat them well. They are also one of the smartest animals on our planet, they can be trained and learn easily. Other people take care of them very well and even consider them a part of their family.

There are many types and breeds and one of the most commonly known is none other than the “Chihuahua“. It is the smallest breed of dog and named after the state of Chihuahua in Mexico.

Okay enough info about dogs, check out the Chihuahua below dressed up like Hello Kitty!

What do you think of it?

I’m sure many of us like to eat. Well why you’re at it why don’t you do it the “Hello Kitty” style?! Introducing the “Hello Kitty Braces”!

These braces will surely spice up your fashion. Hello Kitty may have no mouth but now you can “have” her on your mouth! How cool is that? This is surely be a nice addition to Hello Kitty aficionados and collectors alike. And these HK onigiris (Japanese for rice balls) surely goes well with this!

Lovely, glamorous, stylish and posh! These wonderful baroque-framed cameo pendant necklaces are a part of the Pink Head Portrait Collection, fashioned by the fuchsia queen Tarina Tarantino. The Tarina Tarantino Hello Kitty Pink Head Collection is a limited edition line featuring the designer’s highly creative representation of the iconic Hello Kitty combined with Tarina’s colorful and innovative designs!


This pendant boasts a delicate chain and crystalline necklace featuring a row of lucite and beautiful crystal beads leading down to a 1.5” baroque-framed lucite cameo of our adorable feline celebrity, Kitty White! It’s a bewitching combination of cuteness, posh elegance and sophistication! The Pink Head portrait necklace comes with eight colors: Purple, Black, Nude, Fuchsia, Lavender, Light Rose, Pink and White! It’s a must have for those who fancy being classy and cute at the same time!




You can buy these here: Tarina Tarantino Pink Head Collection

This pretty organza flower anywhere-clip handcrafted by Tarina Tarantino is a must-have for the fashion forward… or perhaps for those who just like adorning their belongings with floral cuteness!  The Tarina Tarantino Hello Kitty Pink Head Collection is a limited edition line featuring the designer’s highly creative representation of the iconic Hello Kitty combined with Tarina’s colorful and inventive designs. Many famous celebrities have been seen wearing the Tarina Tarantino Pink Head line including Paris Hilton, Cameron Diaz and Tara Reid.


This 3-inch wide metallic organza is part of the Pink Head Portrait Collection by Tarina Tarantino, featuring Swavorski crystals dusted around a baroque-framed Lucite cameo of Kitty White. It features a salon-style clip with a suede patch on the back for maximum grip. These organza flower clips come in lavender and white. You can clip it anywhere—your clothes, hair, your bag, or maybe even your kitten! Aren’t they just lovely?



You can buy these here: Tarina Tarantino Hello Kitty

We all need some sun exposure as it’s our primary source of Vitamin D, but too much sun exposure can sometimes have serious repercussions. Lots of people love to spend time outside their homes on sunny days, but too much sun can lead to festering sunburns, which involves skin redness and sometimes, swelling, blistering and nausea. Over time, overexposure to the sun can even lead to some severe skin disorders! But you can protect yourself from the blistering heat of the sun with a stylish parasol!


Parasols had been used by people for centuries untold. They were employed by pharaohs, kings and emperors and high-ranking noblemen, and were, more or less, restricted to the high society.  In 18th Century England, parasols completed each sophisticated lady’s wardrobes, matching the various outfits they wore for different occasions and activities (for unlike today, suntanned skin was considered déclassé by the polite society).


Parasols never lost their charm and they still make great fashion accessories—especially if they’re kittified! Saunter in style with this Hello Kitty parasol to protect you from the sun’s heat and harmful UV rays! These cute parasols come in white and black, and are adorned by decorative borders showing Kitty White’s face. A Hello Kitty Parasol has an elegant curved handle daubed in a color complimenting the canopy.


To learn more about these parasols, visit:


http://shop.sanrio.com/hello-kitty-parasol/17269-201005,default,pd.html <-White Parasol

http://shop.sanrio.com/hello-kitty-parasol/17266-201005,default,pd.html <-Black Parasol



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