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Ever wanted to decorate your fruits with something cute? Now you can by using these very unique Hello Kitty decorated banana covers! You’ll think at first: “What’s the point? Don’t bananas have a skin or cover of their own?” Well the simple answer is to make it look cute or stand out of course! Carry your banana in style by using these:

Wanna see what pasta looks like when Hello Kitty cooks it? Check this out!

I’m sure many of us like to eat. Well why you’re at it why don’t you do it the “Hello Kitty” style?! Introducing the “Hello Kitty Braces”!

These braces will surely spice up your fashion. Hello Kitty may have no mouth but now you can “have” her on your mouth! How cool is that? This is surely be a nice addition to Hello Kitty aficionados and collectors alike. And these HK onigiris (Japanese for rice balls) surely goes well with this!

Calling all car and Hello Kitty Enthusiasts! Just when you thought the only way you can design your vehicle’s doors is by changing it’s paint exterior on the outside –think again and look at this!


Here’s another one:

Yup you’re not hallucinating, those are door locks! What a unique and good way of showing your love to everyone’s feline friend by using her as part of your door! I think you can even create your own if you have a small “Hello Kitty” decor or something and glue it on your vehicle’s door lock. XD Now you can satisfy your urge to see something “Hello Kitty” even when you’re on the go.

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