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This pretty organza flower anywhere-clip handcrafted by Tarina Tarantino is a must-have for the fashion forward… or perhaps for those who just like adorning their belongings with floral cuteness!  The Tarina Tarantino Hello Kitty Pink Head Collection is a limited edition line featuring the designer’s highly creative representation of the iconic Hello Kitty combined with Tarina’s colorful and inventive designs. Many famous celebrities have been seen wearing the Tarina Tarantino Pink Head line including Paris Hilton, Cameron Diaz and Tara Reid.


This 3-inch wide metallic organza is part of the Pink Head Portrait Collection by Tarina Tarantino, featuring Swavorski crystals dusted around a baroque-framed Lucite cameo of Kitty White. It features a salon-style clip with a suede patch on the back for maximum grip. These organza flower clips come in lavender and white. You can clip it anywhere—your clothes, hair, your bag, or maybe even your kitten! Aren’t they just lovely?



You can buy these here: Tarina Tarantino Hello Kitty

10 Responses to “Kittified Organza Flower Anywhere Clip!”

  1. Adults have every right to love hello kitty. Age and Hello Kitty have nothing to do with each other. Age is just how many years you’ve been alive and Hello Kitty is just for somebody’s interest. I have loved Hello Kitty since I was a kid. I am 19 and a half and love it to death. Anyone who critizes me about it are just enemies of hello kitty. I will love hello kitty for the rest of my life. So hello kitty ONLY FOR LITTLE GIRLS?? Us adults can love Hello kitty too just as much. I wish a could see more adult Hk fans out there

  2. It seems like everyone is crazy for Hello Kitty.


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  5. I agree

  6. i love hellokitty

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