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Don’t you just love the delightful, quirky charm of geeks? Once again, our beloved feline celebrity Kitty White shows her nerdy side through this fashionable tote bag, combining cuteness and geekiness together! Bespectacled with thick-rimmed black glasses and adorned with a plaid version of her signature bow, this nerdilicious tote bag comes in tan.


This Loungefly tote is made with heavy canvas, denim and faux-leather. Kitty White’s artwork features appliqué, embroidery and plaid. Now you can enhance your geek appeal and look academically outstanding with this tote bag! Now why not show your true inner nerd as you proudly tote around with this nerdified kittified tote bag? Gear up for school or work in style! Look fabulously smart and studious!

Nerds rule!


3 Responses to “Nerdified, Kittified Tote Bag!”

  1. yup they do rule in fact i am one lolz jk 8) :) ;) :D

  2. this tote bag is so cute. i wondeerr where yu get it from? anywayz luv it. nerds do rule!!!!

  3. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii want 2222222222222222222 know where they get everything from.

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