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It’s a fact: Kitty White has a tendency to make the plain into irresistibly kawaii! She has been doing this for thirty five years already and she’s still at it! Now, our beloved Hello Kitty has deigned to grace our phones with her cuteness magic. Introducing Hello Kitty Princess Decode Perfect Kit by Strapya World! Now you can decorate your own phone and express yourself through customizing it with this fantastic phone decoration toolkit!


The toolbox contains all things kawaii, guaranteed to make your phone ten-times cuter. The box contains lovely pieces like heart gems, pearls, ribbons, and the iconic charm of the feline celebrity Kitty White! The Hello Kitty Princess Decoden Perfect Kit comes in three decoration themes: Rose, Ribbons and Sweets!


Decorating your phone won’t be hard and messy at all as the toolbox contains special glue sheets, which make attaching the decoden parts as easy as counting your fingers! Get your phone fabulously kittified with Hello Kitty Princess Decodent Perfect Kit!


To read more about these products, please visit:


http://www.strapya-world.com/products/31858.html <- Princess Kitty Roses

http://www.strapya-world.com/products/31860.html <- Princess Kitty Ribbons

http://www.strapya-world.com/products/31859.html <- Princess Kitty Sweets


Clothes get tenfold cuter when they are graced by the iconic face of the Sanrio celebrity Kitty White! Today, Hello Kitty World would like to feature a closetful of adorably cute kittified tops! They’re not overly fancy, but they’re still kawaii to look at! These tops are simple but they are so lovable they are guaranteed to make any lover of all thing cute to smile at the sight of it! Also, wearing a Kittified top will never be out of fashion, as Hello Kitty is timeless. These Kittified apparel would also make excellent gifts for ladies of any age!

Enjoy these pictures, and get Kittified now!





 Visit Sanrio to see more Kittified Tops!


Fabulous socialite and heiress Paris Hilton was spotted wearing a cute Hello Kitty shirt in Maui, Hawaii. Even amidst her recent legal troubles, Paris Hilton still looks pretty and relaxed, wearing a kittified t-shirt and a Maui Hawaii cap.

She seems to be carrying on just fine in the face of such a pressing matter, stopping to grab up a smoothie before partaking in a walk around Paia. Miss Hilton is a self-confessed lover of Hello Kitty, and she had been seen many times wearing kittified ensembles.


Enjoy the pictures of Miss Hilton out in Hawaii!


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Geekiness and cuteness come together in this amazing Hello Kitty Nerd® MIMOBOT®! Our beloved Kitty White expresses her geeky and studious side as she dons nerd fashion: sporting thick-rimmed black spectacles, a pocket protector and a checkered version of her signature bow!




These kittified designer flash drives are offered in memory capacities ranging from 2 GB to 16 GB, and comes with preloaded MIMOBOT content like wallpapers, screensavers and videos. Hello Kitty Nerd® MIMOBOT® is the latest addition to Mimoco’s Hello Kitty Line, joining other Sanrio-themed USB flash drives. Other Sanrio characters include My Melody, Chococat and Tuxedo Sam!




Hello Kitty Nerd is the Ultimate Kawaii Geek! You can buy one of these MIMOBOTs here! http://www.mimoco.com/shop/hellokitty/hello-kitty-nerd-kitty-mimobot.html




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Well, this one is just irresistibly and unforgivably cute! This Kittified iPod Dock Station is touch-sensitive gadget designed upon the iconic image of our beloved Kitty White! The dock station features 2.5w/2ch+6w left/right speakers with 60Hz-20Khz frequency response. The Hello Kitty speaker dock comes with “Surface Mounting Technology” and “Lossless Energy Amplificiation Technology” for 360° sound.



The dock station also comes with a remote control, but it features a cutesy way to control the volume: caressing Hello Kitty’s left ear decreases the volume, while touching her right ear will turn it up! Now, THAT is cute. The kittified dock station is available in two colors (pink and white), and is highly fashionable!



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