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Kitty White is monopolizing cuteness! Introducing Hello Kitty Monopoly Board Game! Visit the enchanting retro world of Hello Kitty as you buy, sell and trade locations in her home city of London! Here, you can buy locations such as the Music Theatre, the Bakery, the School Library, Playground and more! Tokens have been replaced with kittified stuff such as Three Apples, Lunchbox, Fish Bowl, Milk Bottle, Teddy and the iconic Kitty White’s Bow!






This is an exciting board game to share with your friends and family!



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Even water can be kittified! Introducing the ultimate luxury water, Hello Kitty Luxury Water Collection! Now you can drink water in style! These bottles are beautifully adorned with Swavorski crystals. The bottles come in five colors which represent different themes: Red is for “Friendship”, Pink is “Cute”, Yellow is “Heartful”, Green is for “Wish” and Lavender is Sweet”!


The Hello Kitty Luxury Water sells for $100 per bottle or $500 for the whole collection, available at Filico!


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Giving perfect and high-quality boxed fruits are part of an elaborate, formal tradition of gift-giving practiced by the Japanese people. For the Japanese, gift-giving is a token of appreciation, and at times, a competition. When you return a gift, yours must be better and more expensive. In turn, the gift you will receive will be better and more expensive than the one you gave. In Japan, people bring melons as gifts that could cost more than a hundred dollars! This kittified melon, with Hello Kitty’s face embossed into its skin, costs around $50 USD. It might seem a little pricey, but this nutritious fruit, a high quality yubari is actually considered relatively cheap for a gift in Japan! 

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Our adorable Kitty White rang the closing bell at Wall Street Exchange to celebrate her creator, Sanrio Co,’s 50th Anniversary! Guests and executives of Sanrio and Build-A-Bear Workshop met to commemorate the anniversary. Kitty White, wearing stylish pink dress and her signature bow, rang the bell that signified the end of day’s trading at the Wall Street Exchange, blowing kisses and cozying up to traders!

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Can you just imagine how fantabulous it is to become cute and glittery at the same time? Ever aspired to become a kittified member of the glitterati? Well, there’s actually a way! A shop at MetroTown Mall in Burnaby, Columbia boasts a display of sparkling, glittering and kittified jewelry featuring the iconic Hello Kitty icon!



These belong to luxurious line of fine jewelry launched by a partnership of Simmons Jewelry co. and Sanrio, “Kimora Lee Simmons for Hello Kitty Fine Jewelry Collection”. American designer Kimora Lee Simmons has crafted her fine jewelry and life-long love for Hello Kitty into this wonderful luxury brand which has women all over the world go gaga over Hello Kitty all once again! The collection is targeted to women who grew up with Hello Kitty and still harbor an emotional connection to the character This collection is fab, glittery, and endearingly cute!




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