Hello fans! Hello Kitty World is having a new look! Do you love this pink layout? Let us know! :) 

p.s. Hello Kitty World has a Chinese version now!





4 Responses to “Hello Kitty World has a new look!”

  1. i’m not crazy about the mushrooms…it’s a bit like alice in wonderland, but way off. the shade and colors are great. maybe a soft yellow flower she can lay inside of and spread her arms with joy..

  2. yeah i think that Kitty should be holding something too but not a flower but if they are going for an alice in wonderland look then they could have her holding the cake that makes alice grow or she could hold the drink that makes her shrink but if not then i would say a nice blue flower

  3. ooh i need to take a pic of my blog ;) :) :D 8)

  4. anyways i think that kitty should be laying on a giant heart and some smaller hearts around it and a pretty rainbow that runs across the page and alot of clouds and the sun showing just a little and hello kitty is wearing a black dress with white poka dots

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