A new game has  been launched in SanrioTown just for you! Called “Sanrio Bubbles II“, the game is quite unlike the first Sanrio Bubbles. Your objective is to keep the bubbles stay afloat as much as possible. Click to fire a bubble and move the cursor to aim. Watch out though, because colored balls get released from time to time, and they can burst and ricochet wildly to throw off your other bubbles! Create combinations to get higher scores and more time.

Play now at the Game Center!

Cute and useful, this nice piece of plush will turn instantly to a portable speaker when you plant your DAP (mp3 players)  or mp3 phones in it! Complete with a cord and stopper stickers, this is definitely a useful tool not only in using it as a speaker but for giving your devices a nice, organized look as well.  See? you can just put your mp3 device on top of it while it’s being used. :)

Click here for more info.

Located in Taiwan, this will probably be the best themed airport a Hello Kitty fan will ever find! Almost everything in the airport can be seen with a Hello Kitty design.  If their purpose in doing this is to calm the passengers who got a delayed flight, then they did the right thing.  :)

Click here for more pictures!

Hello, Hello Kitty! Leading phone maker Samsung has launched the first ever Hello Kitty touchscreen phone!  Called the “Player One Hello Kitty,” it was patterned to their original S5230 model.  Simple yet adorable, this cellphone is a must have for anyone who’s planning to switch over to touchscreen or to any of those rare-and-seasonal item hunters out there!

Click here for more info!

Love potatoes? Love chips? Then we’re quite sure you’re gonna love our feature item of the day!

The Hello Kitty Potato Chip maker comes in with an easy, step-by-step procedure on how to install it.  Cut potatoes like a master chef and eat fresh potato chips anytime you feel the urge to! One of the best things about this item is it encourages you to bake your potatoes using an oven instead of frying them.  Pretty healthy eh?

Click here for more info!

(A big thanks to kittyribon333 for auctioning this item!)

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