Bring lunch in style with the cool, new Hello Kitty Metal Lunch Box! Featuring Hello Kitty in a very innocent and cute pose, make new friends with Hello Kitty enthusiasts like yourself in school when they see your lunchbox! Fancy embossed design featuring Hello Kitty with a rainbow background.


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“Look! Up in the sky! it’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…”

“A flying kitty!”

That’s right folks! Hello Kitty is on superhero mode! If she can be anything, why not be a superhero, right? Grab this bag now and feel the Kitty power rush into your veins! You can also put cool stuff in it like your posh cape or power bracelets when you’re not on your superhero mode like Kitty.  :)

You might also like this neat Hello Kitty Superhero Coin Bag that goes very well along with the tote bag:

“Do what you want ’cause a pirate is free, you are a PIRATE!!!”

SanrioTown pirate staff: Arr! How yarr all doing landlubbers?! We here at SanrrrrioTown present to you a fine piece of duffle to put all yerr treasures! That’s right mates! Don’t go explorin the seven seas without it if ye don’t want yer loots to be all o’er the ship!  Ya hearrrr?!

SanrioTown normal staff: Arrr, I mean errr, in other words, if you want this limited edition “Rock out” with Hello Kitty coin purse, just visit this site.  A nicely-detailed embroidering of Hello Kitty as a pirate awaits anyone who grabs this! =)

Here’s the back image of the purse:

Happy Hunting! XD


Your little princes will have countless hours of fun prettying herself up with this Hello Kitty Deluxe Beauty Set! With items that will make her as beautiful as a princess and a mirror that lights up with music, she’ll be an adorable little woman anytime of the day! Recommended for ages 6+.

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Want a piece of SanrioTown in your home? Then play with Hello Kitty and Tippy in their mini playground! Have countless hours of fun making dioramas of their playtime using the cutely-designed theme park! Recommended for Ages 6+.

Click here for more info.

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