Want to start saving money in your own, personalized coin bank? Look no further than this item, Hello Kitty fans! Paint your own Hello Kitty figure to your heart’s desire with the paint and brush supplied in the Hello Kitty Coin Bank package.  Now you can put your own colors and make your very own creation of Hello Kitty - while saving money!

Click here for more info!

This is the hottest accessory from the Three Apples event! Do you want to look like Hello Kitty? This cute, red bow headband will do the trick! Look like the cute feline we all know and love by wearing this over your left ear while wearing any of your favorite get ups! Get this item now because it will only be available for a limited time period.

Get a piece here!

According to techies, the Hello Kitty Netbook can run microsoft’s newest operating system: Windows 7, and can even manage to run Adobe Photoshop CS3 despite falling short on some of its recommended system settings.  Wanna see for yourself? Click on the link below to see a video of it running Photoshop.  Now anyone who owns a Hello Kitty Netbook will not only enjoy browsing and playing games with their netbook at the comfort of their own homes or in cafes, but will also enjoy doing semi heavy duty stuff with their rigs as well.

Click here to see the netbook run with Photoshop.

Hurray for crossovers! :P

Though it isn’t officially made by Sanrio, we found this project lurking in the internet and we think its really cute! Mario and Luigi, characters from the highly-famed, family video game “Super Mario Brothers” that captured the hearts of many since the mid ’80s, have been merged with Hello Kitty, resulting to an incredible amount of cute - wait for it - ness! The Nintendo Papercraft site is an amazing find, homing a lot of paper artwork projects of your favorite characters, may it be in animation or video games.

Wanna make your own papercraft? Click here to learn from the pros!

Nope, it’s not a new show made for Hello Kitty and Friends but instead, it’s a TV made OF Hello Kitty! That’s right Hello Kitty enthusiasts! This brand new model of Hello Kitty TV will definitely go along with the toons you all love to watch because of its wide 13.3-inch LCD screen! Adorable, sweet, and by far one of the best TV models of Hello Kitty out on the market, this will be a perfect gift for anyone who loves to see Hello Kitty in Digital art.

It comes with a pretty neat Remote Control too! :D

Click here for more info.

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