Hello everyone! Thank you so much for the greetings! Here’s another wave of greetings!

1. ) hello kitty,
happy birthday!

- Jamie Ng

2.) Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Kitty……., Happy Birthday to you!!! ^-^

- Jac Yau

I love you so much!

- Wing Sum Ip

4.) Hey Hello Kitty!!!!
You are the most cutest and lovable sanrio character ever!
On your special day, I greet you a happy happy birthday!
Love Always,

- Alyssa L.

5.) Happy Birthday to my favorite Girl!!!!!!!!!!!

- marlenesanta

6.) Happy Birthday to you ! I love you very much!  “^ ^”

- lubby kitty

7.)  Happy Birthday, Hello Kitty!

-Ching Pang


happy birthday if it wasn’t for you i wouldn’t have this awesome e-mail address well thanks a lot and happy birthday you are soo awesome well stay kitty stylish like you do now see yah and happy birthday….. :)

- Melanie Mendiola



I hope you like my picture…

This shot was taken at the Trinoma mall where there was a Gift gate stall…

And gotcha I took a picture with you!!!

- Crystal Jane Borela


Long live to the most lovable feline of Sanrio!!!
Many happy returns.

-  mimilovekitty05


- jen80524@mymelody.com

Thank you so much everyone! We’re sure Hello Kitty will be very, very happy when she sees these heart-warming messages!  We’ll post another wave of greetings for her in our next post! =^.^=

Drinking your favorite beverages will be much more cool when you can keep your desired temperature, right? This nice Hello Kitty Stainless Steel Mug will do the trick for you! Designed with nice, pink leopard prints and Hello Kitty’s cute face, this mug will surely keep your drinks warm in those cold, rainy nights, and refresh you up when you’re under the sun!

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Happy Birthday Hello Kitty! Here are the first batch of greetings just for you, made by your fans around the world! :D

Dear Hello Kitty:
Happy Birthday to you, all happiness to you.
A beautiful photo from Japan  I wanna sent to you.        

- From duoduol


- From bright_shining_light


- From hellokittysuperstar


- From azog


- From prologue


Thank you so much everyone for Greeting Hello Kitty! We’ll post the next batch of greetings for her again on our next post! :D

Hello friends! We have two new special events for you this month! Read on and see how you can win in-game items in HKO and how to be featured in SanrioTown’s Hello Kitty World blog or main blog!

HKO: Hello Kitty Celebrates her 35th birthday!

Hello Kitty’s birthday is almost here! Starting today, Hello Kitty Online will be hosting a massive event where fans all over the world can get together with their friends to celebrate, have fun, and get limited-edition virtual items, all in preparation for the big day on November 1, 2009!

From now until November 1, 2009, collect as many Birthday Tokens as you can. These tokens are used to redeem special limited-edition items. You need to be wearing at least 4 of these items in order to be admitted to the main event, which is Hello Kitty’s birthday party in London on November 1!

Birthday tokens
You will want to collect as many Birthday Tokens as possible. You get tokens for completing special 35th anniversary quests and by participating in social party activities. Getting tokens is easy, so get as many of these as you can and exchange them for limited-edition Hello Kitty items in the game!

Hello Kitty Birthday Items
To celebrate Hello Kitty’s 35 years of bringing cuteness to the world, Hello Kitty Online is offering in-game versions of official Sanrio merchandise! These Hello Kitty Birthday Items are collectors’ pieces, as they can only be obtained during this special event. The Party Master NPC will trade your Birthday Tokens for up to 23 limited-edition items. Alternatively, you can buy up to 22 items from the Item Mall. You need to be wearing at least 4 different Hello Kitty Birthday Items to access the main party on November 1, so get those as soon as you can! You certainly don’t want to miss out on these limited-edition items!

Special Birthday-themed quests
All the Sanrio characters are busy with preparations for the party, and they’ve decided to make special floats to celebrate Hello Kitty’s birthday. But things are far from ready, and they need your help! Travel to each of the main cities (Sanrio Harbour, Florapolis, London, Paris, Beijing). See if you can lend a hand, and your kindness might earn you some Birthday tokens!

New mini-games
This special event introduces new multiplayer mini-games unlike anything previously seen in the game. Mimic the Party Master’s actions in the Emote game, or play Bingo with other players and you could win Birthday tokens while having fun with your friends!

Travel through the adventure maps with your friends and you might catch a piñata or two! They’re really tough to break but, once they crack, up to ten players can loot the goodies hidden inside! The common piñatas hold much-needed Birthday tokens, and there are also special piñatas that carry limited-edition Birthday items that you won’t find anywhere else - so keep your eyes peeled!

The main event: Birthday party in London on November 1
London is the place to be on November 1, but you must get your party clothes before you can attend the hottest virtual birthday party ever! Players must be wearing at least 4 of the Hello Kitty Birthday avatar items in order to be allowed into the party. This is one party you do not want to miss – get ready for even more special events and free treats!

Hello Kitty’s birthday party in London on November 1 will have birthday decorations, Party Clowns, free items, and other special treats lined up, so come join the celebration for our beloved Hello Kitty!

SanrioTown: Birthday Greeting for Hello Kitty!

Send us your birthday e-cards, photos, fan art, or a simple “happy birthday” to your favorite white feline! Make sure to make it extra-special and creative because your greetings may find their way on Hello Kitty World or even SanrioTown’s Official Blog!


Carry your stuff to school every day with this smart and cute-looking Hello Kitty messenger bag! Classic pink/black plaid design featuring Hello Kitty with shining stars on the background! The inside of the bag has a cool Hello Kitty design too!

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