Here’s a cute set of Hello Kitty diamond necklaces! The first one has a pendant of Hello Kitty’s face adorned in diamonds, while the second one is a plain necklace with a diamond pendant.  Both pendants use shiny gold chains that will surely shine bright when you put them around your neck!  Wearing them as a set is unique and beatiful to look at, don’t you agree? Check out the picture below. ^^

Need a quick chat while on the go? Hello Kitty has a nice solution for you: her very own Bluetooth Headset! Now you can talk with someone while you’re travelling or doing a chore, without even touching your phone!

The headset can be used continously for up to 6 hours and can be left running on stand by mode for around 105 hours.  It’s also very convenient since it can be charged using a wall charger or a personal computer’s USB outlet.  Comes in Hello Kitty’s trademark color pink with a cute Hello Kitty design near the earpiece.

Click here for a more detailed information about the product. 


Sanrio Digital proudly announces Hong Kong’s release of “The Adventure of Hello Kitty & Friends” VCDs! Hello Kitty fans in Hong Kong can now purchase volume 1 and 2 of the series from various retailers.

Each volume contains 3 episodes of the animated series and is dubbed by the TVB crew. Now you can watch and re-watch your favorite episodes whenever you like! Enjoy!


Wow! Thank you very much for your votes everyone! Hello Kitty Online ranked 4th on MMOSITE’s Reader’s Choice Award Most Anticipated Game of 2008!

Knowing how eager you guys and girls really want HKO, we’re going to work extra hard in making Sanrio’s first MMORPG a truly wonderful experience for all Hello Kitty fans out there.  See you all in Sanrio Land!


Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel plushies with unexplainable, overwhelming cuteness! Inspired by traditional Japanese wedding, looking at these two mirrors the beauty and elegance of getting married (to the right person!). These are also ideal gifts to Hello Kitty fans getting married soon!

Click here for more info.


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