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Teen celebrity Miley Cyrus had a very pleasant surprise during the American Music Awards last Sunday, November 23. As she walked the red carpet, she was given a Kimora Lee Simmons for Hello Kitty "Glam Kitty" (which is three carats of diamonds) for her 16th birthday, courtesy of Thea Andrews of Entertainment Tonight.

miley cyrus2

 miley cyrus

Miley Cyrus was delighted when she received the gift. "Hello Kitty’s my fave! Oh my Lord. it’s gorgeous. That is beautiful!"

Have some fun baking Hello Kitty goodies with the Hello Kitty doughnut maker!


155675_1 The set comes with a shaker (for you to make sure that the dough or mixture you’ll be using is well-mixed), and a mold that you can pour in the liquid prior to baking.

Snack time will never be the same again after you make these cute and delicious doughnuts using this set!

892611_1This isn’t just a cute accessory, it’s quite useful too! Plug it in your mobile phone and you can use the commercial headphones along with it - a very useful device for those who have mobile phones with hard-to-find accessories. 


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Sanrio has opened up Sanrio Luxe, a new concept store geared towards modernizing Sanrio through its products. The boutique, located in Times Square in New York, targets fashion-conscious women in their twenties, especially those who have grown up with hello Kitty and have a strong emotional connection with the brand.

Among the products the store will be selling are items that are directly from Japan, as well as other items from the company’s licensees all over the world.

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