Send in your birthday greetings for Hello Kitty now at hellokitty@sanriotown.com. Her birthday’s going to be tomorrow, 01 November, so let’s all get ready to celebrate her birthday!


Boo! We hope you enjoy this year’s Halloween celebrations. Take it easy on the candy, alright?:D Have fun, everyone!


Here are today’s birthday greetings for Hello Kitty from her lovely fans. Two of them even made their own artwork for their favorite white kitten!

sweet_strawberries greeting



Thanks for the amazing e-mails, BunnyWinx, Sweet_Strawberries96, and miticante!


Send in your e-mail greetings for Hello Kitty now to be featured here! It can be any form: text, pictures, a video (with Dream Studio!), a story, it’s your call! You can even send your own artwork, as BunnyWinx and Sweet_Strawberries96 showed us! Be as creative and as imaginative as you can be!  We look forward to seeing your creations and greetings!

It’s only been one day since we announced that we’ll be getting the greetings and well-wishes from our members to greet Sanrio’s most well-known character on her birthday, and we’ve already got a bunch of responses!

Here are the greetings from our members! Click on the image to make it larger. Thank you for sending us these, lemonicetea, jackie, Mommy Nina and Kids, Sweet_Strawberries, 96, and sunrise_ya!


Send in your birthday greetings for Hello Kitty now and get featured here!

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