A Hello Kitty art exhibit is open in South Korea from July 19 to November 30, 2008. It features the innovative fusion art - you’ll see Hello Kitty as you’ve never seen her before!


The exhibit will be in Sky Art 63, so be sure to check it out!



688070k1People who wear glasses will love this Hello Kitty item! The stand is especially designed for eyeglasses: it has dents on the sides where you can perch your glasses on to.









Here’s a Japanese twist to a Russian tradition!


The Hello Kitty dolls are created to look like the Matryoshka dolls of Russia, a set of dolls of decreasing sizes placed inside the other. The traditional ones are usually known for the intricacy of their design, which is usually hand-painted.

These Sanrio ones, while not as detailed as the tradition matryoshka dolls, more than make up for it in its cuteness!

478164_1 Girly girls will definitely love to decorate their mobile phones with this accessory! Hello Kitty’s face is placed between two butterfly wings, creating a pretty effect. Our favorite kitten’s bow also has a pink gem on it, matching the tie.

Sanrio’s taking an active step in helping conserve energy - through the Hello Kitty solar charger!

The charger is meant for certain models of mobile phones, so if you have a compatible unit with this, why not try this out and do your part in helping save the environment?:)


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