You know those cards that you need to have to pass through major highways? If you do, then this gadget’s just right for you!

This is not just your regular card holder: it’s made specifically for the ETC cards you need to pass through major highways. What happens is that as you near the tollgates, Hello Kitty will chirp how much the tollgate fee is.

The Hello Kitty ETC card holder also available in white and costs 18,465 yen.


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Fill these dispensers with your bath essentials (shampoo, liquid soap, even conditioner!) and enjoy bathtime with Hello Kitty! Each dispenser shows Kitty in different-colored dispensers so you’ll be able to identify which container has what content. These come in a tray for easy handling.


For some people, Hello Kitty radiates peace, grace, and gentleness. What better way to express these traits than to show it in the form of music, and with a grand piano no less?

The piano is made by “Kawai Musical”, a Japanese brand well-known for being makers of musical instruments.  It is 42.5 x 21.5 x 46.5 cms, and is made ideally for three years old.

The piano is 24,150 yen, and comes with four picture books.


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It’s not just Sanriotown that’s getting into the Black Wonder craze: McDonald’s is into it too!

From July 24 to August 21, Hello Kitty toys will be given away as the Happy Meal freebies in Hong Kong. Each set is only available for a week, so head off now to the McDonald’s nearest you and order a Happy Meal now!


Bring more color (literally!) to your notes for school or work with the Hello Kitty gel pens!


The pens actually come in one set. Its colors are black, red, blue, sky blue, purple, yellow green, fluorescent yellow, orange, pink, and red-orange.


The ink is water-based and guarantees smooth writing for those who use these.


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