It gets a bit difficult to have a house phone that’s attached to its receptacle, isn’t it? You’d always have to run around to pick it up when it rings or when you need to call, and you can bring it anywhere. Why not replace it with a cordless phone, and a Hello Kitty one at that?

This digital cordless phone comes  in two colors: black and pink-and-white. Aside from being cordless, the phone also boasts of having internal memory so that you can save important numbers on it. It also has a built-in speaker on its cradle, so you can have a conversation without having to hold on to the phone!

Whoever said that one can’t be fashionable with galoshes is proven wrong with Sanrio’s version of the rainy day footwear.


What makes these different from your plain ol’ galoshes is not only the animal prints of these, but it also has elevated heels, as well as featuring Hello Kitty’s trademark bow and Hello Kitty herself on the sides of the boots.

These boots are 6,825 yen.


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Coordination is sometimes the key of the game when one wants to look fashionable. One can do this Sanrio-style by getting a wallet, pouch, and card holder bearing the same Hello Kitty design.

All three items are off-white, and have the trademark symbols identified as uniquely Hello Kitty’s: the face, the red bow, and even her two ears.

These items are made of PVC.


You’ve seen Hello Kitty in so many forms, now you can carry her around as a fish! This purse shows your favorite white cat appearing as a fish on a drawstring purse. You can also use the bag as a container for your beauty products and such on your dresser!

The purse comes in either red or pink.




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Hello Kitty started off her career by appearing on a coin purse. What better way to show her evolution throughout the years by showing her on today’s chic version of the same item she first appeared on?

This Hello Kitty coin purse is made of cotton, and has alternating prints of Hello Kitty and huge roses. This is something that you can actually use daily, and would fit just about anybody. This is very girly-girl, but the black color adds spunk to the coin purse who secretly love Hello Kitty but don’t want to be overwhelmed by too much cuteness.


The coin purse costs 1,260 yen.


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